7 ways to excel at recruiting automation

Author Rob Sicat Date Apr 16 2024

Whether you’re prepared for it or not, the world of talent acquisition is always on the precipice of change. There’s no other place where this is more evident than in the actual recruitment process itself. That’s why we’re presenting you with an entire blog post about the emergence and importance of recruiting automation.

Recruiting automation plays multiple roles in frontline recruiting, and the benefits are innumerable. This technology already is reshaping how organizations find, screen, and hire talent, paving the way for smarter recruitment strategies.

But what is recruiting automation?

In short, recruiting automation leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline recruitment and enable HR teams to achieve efficiency and effectiveness they may have never thought was possible. And in frontline industries—like grocery, retail, logistics, and warehousing, among others—the demand for talent is high and the competition is stiff.

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In this post, we’ll explore how recruiting automation is shaping the future of frontline hiring, discuss the advantages of recruiting automation, and provide insight into how to incorporate automation into your practices to revolutionize how you hire.  

How recruiting automation attracts better hires

If you’re still using your traditional applicant tracking system (ATS), you’re missing out! There are several advantages of infusing recruiting automation into your existing processes, including the following.

Candidate autonomy

Recruiting automation allows candidates to have more control over their application. They can start their application, save and come back to it at a time that works best for them, and even schedule interviews at their convenience. With chatbots and AI-powered communication, automation allows for a more personalized and customized application process for candidates. 

Inclusive hiring

Recruiting automation can help companies eliminate bias from the hiring process by applying standardization to candidate evaluations and focusing on objective criteria. By automating job postings to a broader audience, you can reach a wider pool of talent, including underrepresented job seekers.

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Scaling talent acquisition

With automation, companies can handle high volumes of applicants through application screening and candidate filtering based on qualifications. Other automated features can include interview scheduling, assessment distribution, and document signing, all of which can help talent acquisition teams scale their hiring processes and achieve desired growth. 

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Better hiring outcomes

Through data and analytics, recruiting automation can help uncover successful hiring patterns and lead to better process decisions, ultimately improving the quality of hire. Continuous feedback loops also allow teams to spot issues in the funnel so they can make data-driven improvements if and when they need to.

Cost savings 

When you’re able to hire more qualified people and fill roles faster, you’re able to maximize your investment into hiring process and save on recruiting costs. Recruiting automation also reduces the amount of manual tasks that recruiters need to perform, which streamlines the process and helps minimize productivity losses. 

Examples of recruiting automation use cases

Recruiting automation can be applied to multiple stages of the hiring funnel. Below, we break down common uses of automation throughout the recruitment process. 

Job posting

Automation can help generate job descriptions and post them to external job platforms. This helps ensure maximum visibility to attract the right candidates. 

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Candidate sourcing

Use automation to search and analyze sourcing pools like job boards, social media platforms, and professional networks to identify potential candidates. 

Application screening

Automation can help analyze and filter through large volumes of applications to identify qualified candidates based on predefined criteria. This helps hiring managers save time and effort. 

Pre-employment assessments

Automation-powered assessments can evaluate candidates’ skills, aptitude, and cultural fit through online tests, providing valuable insights to help with the selection process.

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Conversational AI-powered assistants

AI-powered chatbots can engage with candidates, answer frequently asked questions, and provide information about the company and the hiring process.

Interview scheduling

Automated processes can assist in scheduling interviews, from in-person appointments to asynchronous or synchronous video interviews. 

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AI tools can provide personalized training modules or resources to new hires, enabling them to quickly adapt to their roles and enhancing their productivity from day one. 

Recruiting automation software across the funnel

Today’s applicant tracking systems are recruiters’ powerful allies in getting ahead and achieving hiring efficiency. By adopting a centralized platform that is designed to streamline the end-to-end recruitment process, TA teams can optimize every step, from sourcing to qualifying to onboarding.

Another powerful element of recruiting automation is the ability to customize hiring processes to fit specific hiring needs as they change and evolve over time. By automating repetitive tasks and taking these manual duties off the plates of recruiters, hiring teams have more time to focus on scaling their business growth and meet growing hiring demands.

Adopting advanced tools to simplify processes, allowing for candidate autonomy, and improving business outcomes can revolutionize recruiting for the long term. 

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Fountain for high volume recruiting automation

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Powered by AI and recruiting automation, Fountain’s multi-product solution works with existing tech stacks to create a seamless applicant experience, saving HR teams time and valuable resources. 

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