Fountain for Talent Acquisition

Fountain for Talent Acquisition

Enable your team to efficiently backfill roles and expand business

Don’t let the status quo prevent your team from hiring faster.

Inefficient technologies and processes are preventing your TA team from keeping up with high turnover. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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Exorbitant sourcing costs

Your recruitment marketing spend is wasted if you can’t move applicants through the funnel and hire them quickly. Your candidates are one click away from another job.

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Long time-to-hire

Labor market trends, abandoned applications, and no-shows to interviews are prolonging your time-to-hire. Coupled with high turnover rates, it’s taking even longer to hire qualified candidates. 

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Burnt-out recruitment team

Tedious sourcing, screening, and scheduling tasks limit your recruitment team’s ability to execute quickly. This is preventing them from exceeding their hiring goals. 

Longer time-to-fill and increased competition for talent can lead to higher recruitment costs to attract candidates.
to hire a new employee (SHRM)

An ATS for hiring hourly workers

With Fountain, you bolster your talent pipeline with speed, efficiency, and intelligence.

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Simplify your hourly hiring

Increase hiring efficiency and keep your TA team happy by enabling them to meet their goals by customizing workflows and supporting processes for different regional needs and openings. 

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Hire great candidates, fast

Leverage automation and speed within the hiring process to save organizational time and resources.

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Help candidates find the right job, faster

Expansive sourcing tools like Boost scour job boards for qualified talent so logistics managers can focus on other parts of the business.

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Uplevel your processes

Empower your TA team to exceed their hiring goals, and become an essential part of your company’s revenue generation ROI, with a resource-saving tool that increases hiring capacity and decreases time-to-hire.

Built for talent acquisition teams


Conversational AI and automation

Boost the productivity of your recruiting team by leveraging AI and automation to handle repetitive and mundane tasks for your employees so they can focus on higher-impact activities.


Customization by role and location

Seamlessly integrate features into your existing tools, while maintaining flexibility to scale up or down by different locations and openings.


Seamless integrations

Integrated functions like background checks, training, and e-signature software allow your team to find, screen, and onboard candidates quickly and easily.


Interviews with ease and speed

Schedule live interviews or collect pre-recorded interviews to ensure you’re getting the best people for your top customer-facing roles.


Make better hiring decisions

Robust analytics and reports allow you to track hiring trends over time to see what’s working and where you can improve.


Personalization when you need it

Cast a wider net for applicants during times of high demand, like holidays, and tailor your hiring experience to attract workers and keep them engaged. 

“We’ve learned to use Fountain as a tool to help our team rethink how we hire.” 
Haley Pike
Director of Recruiting at Stitch Fix
Increase in applicants who pass background checks and show up on day one