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The Modern Workforce
Labor is following the path of cloud computing.
34–36% of the American workforce now consists of freelancers, including temps, moonlighters...
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Rise of People and The Machines
The Argument for Automation
Over a third of the American workforce consists of freelancers, temporary workers, moonlighters and independent...
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The Power of SMS
The Power of SMS: Connection and Conversion
It's no secret that mobile has changed everything—including hiring. The Pew Center reports that 90 percent...
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Blog Post
10 hours ago
The Second Wave of the On-Demand Economy
While the boom in creating the next "Uber for X" certainly fizzled in 2016, it would be wrong to conflate that with the outlook for the industry. We look forward to the on-demand experience continuing its growth and penetrating more and more industries to address growing consumer demand.
Introducing the Contingent Workforce
Hiring quickly and efficiently is a challenging endeavor for many high-growth companies. For businesses that rely on hourly or temporary...
Embracing Technology in Hiring
In a world where we can order self-driving car services and cherry pick specific genetic sequences to make a more perfect offspring, it's...
On-Demand Hiring Trends in 2016
We at Fountain are in awe of the versatility and impact of the on-demand industry. This growing sector of the economy...
A Guide to Holiday Hiring
There are certain annual inevitabilities that signify the ending of a year. Shorter days, cooler weather, scarves as far as the eye can see, and yes, surges...