The Hiring Platform
for Hourly Workers
Fountain uses automation, machine learning, and customizable workflows to hire large hourly workforces in half the time.

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Most Applicant Tracking Systems
Aren't Built for the Modern Workforce
Recruiting hourly workers is highly competitive. You have to process massive amounts of applications as quickly as possible to prevent the candidates you want from dropping out of the process. Your hiring software needs to be built to handle that challenge.
Hire faster
Staff your positions in half the time by automating away the bottlenecks in your hiring process.
Find the best workers
Machine learning identifies patterns in successful applicants to help you hire the highest quality workforce.
Always be improving
Get full visibility of your candidate funnel and A/B test strategies for improving your hiring and onboarding process.
How It Works
Success Stories
Fountain helps the 2nd biggest grocery chain in the US to expand its grocery delivery business to new states.
Food delivery giant Deliveroo uses Fountain to handle 10,000 applicants a week to staff its UK and Irish markets, and to expand around the globe.
What types of businesses use Fountain?