Fountain Onboard

Unlock efficient frontline worker onboarding

Fountain Onboard advantages:


Get new hires on board in days, not weeks

Leverage the power of automation and AI to fast-track your new hires to their first day.

Save onboarding time and resources

Integrate Fountain Onboard with your existing tools to reduce admin work and cut unnecessary expenses.

Optimize your frontline workforce

Make more informed decisions and focus on what truly matters to your high volume onboarding process.

Onboard with ease


Simplified onboarding workflows

Hands-off automation and customizable stages like document uploads, digital signatures, and task management help guide your new hires to their first day with ease.

Improved user experience

Save hiring manager time and keep new hires engaged with Fountain Onboard’s personalized automation and AI-driven tools.

Intelligent integrations for tailored onboarding

Easily connect Fountain Onboard to your current tech stack and gain visibility into opportunities for optimization in one comprehensive platform.

With Fountain Onboard, we are excited for increased engagement, continued training, and better segmentation of our workforce.
Jimmy Leddy
Program Manager, Alto

See how Fountain Onboard can solve your new-hire headaches today.

Fountain redefines frontline workforce onboarding by delivering highly personalized, scalable solutions powered by automation and AI technology.

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