Fountain for Recruiters

Fountain for Recruiters

Find, engage, and hire the right candidates, faster

Don’t let recruitment challenges prevent you from hiring faster.

Old technologies and the status quo won’t keep up with modern hiring practices. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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Overwhelming and never-ending tasks

You need to fill hourly roles quickly to maintain operational continuity. Your to-do list is getting longer, with tight timelines, an abundance of busy work, and the demand to quickly identify suitable candidates.

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High turnover rates

High turnover rates for hourly positions leave you constantly filling vacancies and forced to keep a healthy talent pipeline and manage a steady flow of candidates.

Talent Pool

Limited talent pool

Finding qualified candidates for hourly roles can be challenging, especially in specific industries or locations where the labor market is competitive or candidate availability is low. 

Time-to-fill is the number of days from when the job requisition opens until the candidate accepts the offer.
33 days
The average time-to-fill an open position (SHRM)

An ATS for hiring hourly workers

With Fountain, level up your recruitment processes with automation, efficiency, and speed.

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Exceed your hiring goals

Enable your recruitment team to exceed their hiring targets while saving time, spend, and resources. 

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Hire great candidates, fast

Leverage automation and speed within the hiring process to save organizational time and resources.

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Improve time-to-hire

Save time by automating mundane tasks, and spend your energy on high-impact interactions with qualified candidates.

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Simplify hiring processes

Customize an easy-to-use tool that will help increase hiring efficiency and enable recruiters to support different regional needs and openings. 

Built for recruitment teams


On-demand customization

Implement a simple and customizable tool quickly and to hire at volume quickly.


Easy assessments

Use assessments to measure skills, aptitude, personality, and emotional intelligence to predict culture fit and job performance.


Live and recorded video interviews

See how candidates answer on-the-spot or pre-recorded questions, providing insight into how they might interact with customers.


Advanced automation and AI

Collect applicant info, schedule interviews, and conduct background checks with the click of a button, saving time for both the candidate and the recruiter.


Make better hiring decisions

Robust analytics and reports allow you to track hiring trends over time to see what’s working and where you can improve.


Personalization when you need it

Cast a wider net for applicants during times of high demand, like holidays, and tailor your hiring experience to attract workers and keep them engaged. 

"Fountain has helped our team rethink how we hire. With Fountain’s streamlined and candidate-friendly communications, we’ve been able to close the loop with candidates faster."
Rachel Carey
Program Manager, Stitch Fix