Fountain Communicate

Engage your frontline workforce with AI-powered messaging


Lose the limitations of traditional tools

With Fountain Communicate, you’ll unlock a smarter, more sophisticated approach to engaging your frontline workforce through timely, personalized, and impactful messaging.


Segmentation powered by AI

Use our AI-powered segmentation to reach the right workers with the right message at the best time, boosting your bottom line.


Effortless personalization at scale

Transform messaging from a time-sink into a time-saver with dynamic data merging and powerful automation. 


AI content assistance

Our AI assistant empowers you to craft compelling, on-brand messages with ease.


Streamline talent engagement

Fountain Communicate enables you to manage all your messaging channels from a single, intelligent platform, streamlining operations and driving better bottom-line results.

Why choose Fountain Communicate?

AI-powered segmentation

Dynamic content personalization

Automated messaging workflows

AI writing assistance

Unified multi-channel analytics

Reach the right worker, at the right time

Fountain Communicate automates and simplifies your onboarding process, saving your HR team considerable time and effort. From personalized welcome packs to automated task assignments.

See how Fountain Communicate can help with more effective and relevant messaging.

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