Fountain for HRIS

Fountain for HRIS

A customizable tool that can be implemented quickly and seamlessly into your existing tech stack

Don’t let legacy tools and integration APIs slow you down.

HRIS integrations are essential to your organization, but making sure all of your tools work with each other can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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Change management challenges

We know you’re busy managing HR tools and integrations, and enlisting buy-in from your entire organization is a big challenge.

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Clunky integrations and connectors

You’re juggling a great deal of diverse and disconnected HR technology solutions. And sometimes, these tools don’t always play nicely together. 

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Extended implementation times

Adding or integrating a new tool may take longer than expected, but you need to ensure any new solution can be incorporated seamlessly. 

The average budget per HRIS user has increased, suggesting more companies are investing in HR software.
Average cost-per-year per HRIS user (Software Path)

An ATS for hiring hourly workers

With Fountain, modernize your HR tech stack with a tool built for hourly hiring. 

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Simplify your tech stack

Build your hourly worker journey with a single platform that reduces complexity, improves security, and delivers a superb applicant experience. 

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Leverage analytics for informed business decisions

Get insights into your hiring process with Fountain’s robust reporting capabilities. Make better business decisions and optimize your hiring process with data-driven insights.

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Streamline integrations and workflows

Prioritize operational efficiency and data security with a tool that seamlessly integrates your HRIS and ATS technologies. 

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Deliver value across the organization

Become the strategic partner that improves both hiring experiences and business outcomes through forward-thinking technology. 

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Stabilize your workforce

Discover a long-term solution that will support organizational transformation and create a repeatable hiring process that results in an engaged culture of people who stay longer.

Built for HRIS Leaders


Clear integration plan

Fountain supports you every step of the way, with a defined plan that dictates how, when, and where tools will integrate with Fountain.


Customer success

Support services are available to help you implement Fountain as well as train all stakeholders on how to leverage the tool successfully.


Customer validation

Don’t take our word for it—learn from our current customers’ successes,  implementation timelines, and results. Focus on meaningful data points like time-to-hire, recruiter-to-hire ratio, and increased applicants. 


Seamless integrations

Take advantage of time-saving HRIS/ATS integrations like background checks and e-signing.


Smart Sourcing

Leverage integrations, services, and features that increase applicants (like Text-to-Apply and Smart Sourcing.)


Compliance and labor laws

Fountain ensures your hiring operations are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, including labor laws, health and safety regulations, and data privacy laws.