Hourly hiring made simple

Secure your top candidates before your competitors and get applicants to their first day of work


Fountain Hire

The all-in-one platform enables companies to find qualified candidates and move them from application to onboarding, reducing time to hire and making high-volume hiring faster, frictionless, and flexible for your business needs.

Engage with the right candidates from the start


Meet candidates where they are with mobile-first recruiting

Connect instantly with candidates using mobile-friendly job applications and a streamlined applicant experience.

Increase applicant volume with Fountain AI

Simplify communication and eliminate manual recruiter efforts, like answering questions and scheduling, to focus on what matters most: getting more qualified candidates to day one.

Build a talent brand to attract applicants

Our team of sourcing specialists can customize your recruiting efforts so you can focus on qualifying and hiring the right candidates.

Secure the best candidates with intelligent and automatic screening

Fountain Qualify

Build the qualification steps specific to your hiring process

Configure the application using drag and drop Workflow Editor to create an ideal applicant experience and attract the right talent for your business.

Candidate assessments and credential verification

Get the right candidates to the finish line at speed by conducting background checks and skills assessments directly through one of Fountain’s verification integrations.

Customize the interview method that's right for your hiring process

Fountain AI allows applicants to schedule an interview, record a video interview, or select an instant interview.

Get candidates to their first day of work

Fountain Hire

Create a smooth hiring and onboarding process

Utilize custom workflows to walk candidates through your hiring process and initial onboarding so your talent team can spend more time connecting with candidates and less time on paperwork.

Optimize hiring with data insights and integrations

Harness the power of robust sourcing, screening, and hiring data to streamline the applicant experience, identify areas that can be improved, and track success.

Integrate with partners to get workers to their start date

Seamlessly review and authenticate individual identity, licenses, registrations, certifications, and signed documents for candidates and new hires. (I9, W4, tax forms)