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Hiring made simple

Secure your top candidates before your competitors by incorporating final hiring requirements into your applicant workflow.

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Secure top candidates quickly 

Optimize applicant workflows to swiftly move them through the funnel.

Create a smooth hiring and onboarding process

Utilize custom workflows to walk candidates through your hiring process and initial onboarding so your talent team can spend more time connecting with candidates and less time on paperwork.

Optimize hiring with data insights and integrations

Harness the power of robust sourcing, screening, and hiring data to help streamline the applicant experience, identify areas that can be improved, and track success.

Embrace seamless hiring and onboarding solutions

Create an easy-to-use process flow with automated steps, allowing candidates a smooth experience while simultaneously freeing up more time for your team.

Instant hiring

Instant hiring

Hire the right people faster with automated qualification and verification tools.

Quick background checks

Quick background checks

Get the right candidates past the finish line faster by conducting background checks directly through one of Fountain's verification integrations.

Document reviews

Document review, e-signatures, and onboarding flows

Seamlessly review and authenticate individual identity, licenses, registrations, certifications, and signed documents for candidates and new hires.

Data backend hiring

Data-backed hiring

Leverage comprehensive hiring data to build reports to track and optimize your hiring efforts.

"Coming from (our previous ATS) to Fountain, was like going from a bicycle to a Tesla. We were able to reduce our time-to-hire from 30 days to just 10 days."

Sr. Manager, Delivery Partner Growth, Gopuff

Customize your ideal qualification solution

Simplify the candidate-to-employee transition by syncing your Fountain data to your HRIS.