Fountain for the Future

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Fountain’s corporate social responsibility philosophy is a cornerstone of our mission: to open global opportunities for the hourly workforce. We believe prospering talent markets require equitable access to opportunities and promote worker well-being and fairness.

Our journey is just getting started, but we’re committed to consistent improvement. We partner with other companies across the globe and hold ourselves to the highest social standards in the HR Tech industry. We lean on innovative technologies and industry best practices to manage this process, and when rigorous enough standards don’t exist, we create them.

Our priorities

While there are many causes worthy of support, we prioritize efforts focused on the following three areas:



We’re committed to supporting and investing in organizations that recognize the need to support equitable hiring practices and work towards minimizing the equal opportunity employment divide.



We promote activities across the organization that enable a sustainable environment, business, and community.



We support healthy and vibrant communities and provide resources on how we can make meaningful change.



Recently, Fountain donated their platform to the San Francisco Fire Department to assist in their annual SF Firefighters Toy Program donation drive. Fountain was used to build an application process that collected submissions of families in need of the Toy Program’s blessing, a scheduling tool for drop-off and pickup of donation bins and local businesses, and as a way to schedule in-person donation events.

“The customizability of the workflows allowed us to use Fountain for multiple things during this year’s SF Firefighters Toy Program drive. It allowed us to get the application out there, take requests for toy bins and events, and help even more families.”
Jill Peeler
San Francisco Fire Department

Partner with us

We are actively open to partnering with charitable organizations, including nonprofits and foundations. Please fill out your information below if you would like to pursue partnership opportunities.

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Our commitment to positively impacting the global workforce

Fountain’s core values directly align with our social responsibility program, and we are committed to raising the bar to ensure not only our product but our company belief system is connected to making both Fountain and the world a better place.

It takes all of us to make this difference, and we hope you’ll join us for this journey. Click below to learn more about career opportunities at Fountain.