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Fast, agile hiring to keep your grocery teams well-stocked

Changes in consumer behavior work in grocery’s favor.
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The world’s most sophisticated grocery organizations trust Fountain

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Grocery tips toward e-commerce

Rapidly changing consumer behavior has transformed grocery shopping from an in-store errand to a task that only requires a few clicks. Shoppers have pivoted to online ordering, grocery delivery, and curbside pickup, but it’s not all bad news for the world’s grocers.

Grocery shopping is on the rebound. Although foot traffic stalled at the start of the pandemic, it has since stabilized and has even surpassed pre-pandemic levels in some cases.

A shift toward e-commerce presents an opportunity for new positions in inventory management, shelf restocking, and warehouse associates to manage deliveries. But in order to attract this new wave of workers, recruiters need to modernize their hiring practices, simplify functions and workflows, and enable flexible, intuitive hiring that can be easily replicated across geographies. 

We’ll take care of finding you candidates

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Think of Fountain as an extension of your own talent acquisition team. From our user-friendly platform built with powerful automation to our attentive Customer Support specialists and sourcing experts, Fountain is here to simplify and streamline your hiring process.

Our partnerships with other Human Resource Information Systems and our integrations with platforms like Indeed are just a few of the proof points that make Fountain the trusted source for high volume hiring.

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Fountain features

Live and recorded video interviews

Schedule live interviews or collect pre-recorded interviews to ensure you’re getting the best people for your top customer-facing roles.


Activate background checks, document uploading, and I.D. verification with Fountain’s customizable integrations.


Automated screening and routing rules free up time for store managers to focus on other areas of operations.


Use Fountain’s drag-and-drop workflow editor to adjust hiring as needed and edge out retail competition during busy hiring seasons, like annual holidays. 

“Fountain integrates with our other platforms and we are able to create custom reports on our dashboard, which automatically update, so we can easily monitor all our hiring data in one place.”

Derk-Jan Verhaak
Corporate Development Analyst, Picnic

“Fountain has allowed Everli to respond promptly to candidates and establish itself as a leader in the e-grocery sector of the country. Sending, signing, and receiving documents became automized to a point of allowing us to forget the heavy burden of manual effort it once involved. The scalability of the workflow can be perceived by the jump from dozens to hundreds of documents processed without effort.”

HR Leader, Everli


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