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Fountain's custom hiring delivers a menu for success

From dining in to delivery, Fountain helps food and beverage pros cater to what consumers want.
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The world’s most sophisticated food and beverage companies trust Fountain

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You have a lot on your plate—let Fountain serve the best job candidates right to you, right when you need them

With strained supply chains, increasing demand for in-app ordering, and contactless transactions, the food and beverage industry is feeling the pressure to meet demands and keep up with consumers while still running profitable operations. 

Restaurant leaders need to evolve with industry demands and continue to fight for the attention of an hourly workforce with increasing opportunities for movement. Lowering barriers to entry on applications, improving time-to-hire, and streamlining the applicant experience are essential. Fulfilling both in-house and delivery staffing needs requires a robust and streamlined applicant tracking system that can keep up with a mobile-savvy clientele.

We’ll take care of finding you candidates

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Think of Fountain as an extension of your own talent acquisition team. From our user-friendly platform built with powerful automation to our attentive Customer Support specialists and sourcing experts, Fountain is here to simplify and streamline your hiring process.

Our partnerships with other Human Resource Information Systems and our integrations with platforms like Indeed are just a few of the proof points that make Fountain the trusted source for high volume hiring.

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Food and Beverage

Fountain features

Smart automation

Key automation features deliver a pool of qualified applicants and allow general managers to ramp up hiring during times of high demand. Automated scheduling, text, and email reminders keep candidates engaged and help reduce drop-off rates.

Countless integrations

Integrated functions like background checks, training, and eSignature software allow hiring managers to find, screen, and onboard candidates quickly and easily. These integrated features minimize tedious tasks and reduce time-to-hire and time-to-fill.

Seamless communication

Applicants can apply from anywhere with Fountain’s mobile-first platform. Text-to-Apply helps amplify awareness of job opportunities and collects applicant data for more efficient screening.

High volume recruiting

Fountain is built to scale for high volume recruiting, allowing businesses to process tens of thousands of applications per week. Real-time visibility helps recruiters make data-driven decisions, while flexible workflows enable quick changes to accommodate fluctuations in hiring needs.

Quickening the pace of the applicant journey is key to winning the speed-to-hire war that’s going on right now. We only have one chance to make a first impression when you’re dealing with such a high volume of applicants and high frequency of turnover in the field, so that first impression can really be important.

Ben Irwin
VP of Retail Technology and Business Technology, sweetgreen

A large restaurant company with 750 locations implemented Fountain to hire minimum wage workers. They received 51% more applicants overnight with no changes in pay, bonuses, or job advertising. Ninety-one percent of their locations exceeded their hiring goals. This company has hired ~22K workers in the last 12 months, with an average conversion-to-hire rate of 19.55% and a median time-to-hire of 6.28 days.

Food and Beverage


Elevate your recruiting and hiring process with Fountain resources.

Fountain’s High Volume Hourly Hiring Delivers a Menu for Success

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