Fountain Compliance

Simplified workforce compliance management


Effortless workforce compliance management

Accelerate compliance processes by rapidly completing new workforce data and documents including I-9, W-2, and more. Reduce administrative burden and save time by swiftly adapting and integrating new workforce data.


Tailored compliance solutions

Tailor and fine-tune compliance rules and segments to precisely align with the unique needs of your business. Address specific regulatory nuances with a flexible and customized approach to workforce compliance management.


Proactive workforce engagement

Activate real-time compliance status updates, establishing worker connection from the very first compliance check. Clearly communicate compliance procedures and expectations to build an engaged and compliant workforce.


Retention assurance

Stay on top of compliance without deactivation, reducing workforce churn and ensuring a seamless management experience. With customizable features, real-time analytics, and AI-powered solutions, empower your organization to proactively address retention challenges and optimize workforce stability.

Onboard with confidence

Compliance workflow efficiency results in:

  • Reduced manual efforts with a single user-friendly dashboard that lists the real-time status of your whole workforce, allowing HR and management to focus on strategic tasks instead of lengthy compliance procedures.
  • Easy workforce forecasting with continuously up-to-date lists of compliant workers per location, allowing for 100% coverage of shifts at peak demand.
  • Insight into current and projected workforce compliance with simplified tracking of workforce compliance health, document identification, and automated flagging workers that need attention.

Intelligent integrations for tailored compliance

Easily connect Fountain Compliance to your current HR tech stack and gain visibility into opportunities for workforce management optimization.

Simplified workforce compliance

Proactively handle regulatory nuances with a customized approach that eases administrative burden and integrates into your tech stack.

Request a demo to learn more about:

  • Comprehensive document compliance management
  • Advanced tracking and notifications
  • Efficient automation and integration
  • Robust document review and verification

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