Fountain for CHROs

Fountain for CHROs

A core tool that will enable your team to attract and grow a productive hourly workforce

Keep your pipeline filled so your business doesn’t suffer.

Hourly workers are hard to find and even harder to keep, especially if you’re hiring them the same way you hire corporate workers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

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Limited budget

You don’t have the time or resources to spend on acquiring (and training) new talent. You need qualified applicants who will show up on day one. 

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Competing HR priorities

As the owner of the wider HR strategy, there’s no shortage of responsibilities. And any roadblocks in hiring directly impact your department’s success.

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Complex tech stack

It takes a lot of people and technology to find, hire, onboard, train, and manage employees. Excess tools are slowing down your team’s productivity.

Challenges in employee retention have significant implications for the organization.
Up to 20% of turnover takes place in the first 45 days

An ATS for hiring hourly workers

With Fountain, make hiring easy with automation, efficiency, and customization.

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Solve hourly hiring challenges

Leverage one comprehensive solution to find qualified applicants, screen them efficiently, and get candidates to day one on the job, faster. 

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Customization for your organization

Utilize a tool that can be tailored to your team’s processes, integrate with your existing tools, and scale as the business grows.

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Find quality applicants

Hiring high-quality candidates is essential to increase employee retention and performance.

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Stabilize your workforce

Discover a long-term solution that will support organizational transformation and create a repeatable hiring process that results in an engaged culture of people who stay longer.

Built for CHROs


Find great candidates, fast

Equip your talent acquisition and hiring managers with a comprehensive platform for hiring hourly workers. Manage sourcing, screening, interviewing, and engagement with candidates all in one tool. 


Smart Sourcing

Hire smarter with integrations, services, and features that increase your applicant pool (like Text-to-Apply and Smart Sourcing).


Conversational AI and automation

Boost the productivity of your recruiting team by leveraging AI and automation to handle repetitive and mundane tasks so they can focus on higher-impact activities.


Seamless integrations

Integrated functions like background checks, training, and e-signature software allow your team to find, screen, and onboard candidates quickly and easily.


Data fueled hiring decisions

Robust analytics and reports allow you to track hiring trends over time to see what’s working and where you can improve.


Compliance and labor laws

Fountain ensures your hiring operations are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations, including labor laws, health and safety regulations, and data privacy laws.

“In today’s labor shortage, businesses need to move with haste if they want to win.”
Christa Stienen
former CHRO of DB Schenker Germany/Switzerland and Hellmann