Inclusive Hiring

Inclusive Hiring

Software that helps build stronger diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Don’t let legacy tools and outdated processes prevent you from moving the DEIB needle.

Hourly workers are hard to find and even harder to keep, especially if you’re hiring them the same way you hire corporate workers. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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High turnover rates

High turnover rates for hourly positions leave you constantly filling vacancies and forced to keep a healthy talent pipeline and manage a steady flow of candidates.

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Minimal budget

You don’t have the time or resources to spend on acquiring (and training) new talent. You need qualified applicants who will show up on day one.

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Competing priorities

As the owner of the DEIB strategy, there’s no shortage of responsibilities and priorities. And inclusive hiring practices directly impact your organization.

Allyship and education are key components of an inclusive workplace, one that creates space for open dialogue and learning.
more likely to financially outperform their less diverse counterparts (2018 McKinsey report)

An ATS for hiring hourly workers

With Fountain, make hiring easy and inclusive with automation, efficiency, and customization.

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Overcome unconscious bias

Leverage technology that is designed to address unconscious bias throughout every stage of the hiring process.

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Build a culture of belonging

Set the right hiring practices and build a foundation for people from diverse backgrounds to do their best work.

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Eliminate barriers to entry

Implement processes that are geared towards attracting diverse talent and creating more opportunities for underrepresented communities.

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Stabilize your workforce

Discover a long-term solution that will support organizational transformation and create a repeatable hiring process that results in an engaged culture of people who stay longer.

Built for DEIB Leaders


Inclusive Automation

Minimize the opportunity for unconscious bias by ensuring mental shortcuts and assumptions don’t interfere with the chance of hiring a great candidate.


Evaluate candidates consistently and fairly

Make objective hiring decisions and hold all candidates to the same standards, especially during the interview process.

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Measure your progress

Identify areas for improvement and evaluate the impact of your inclusive hiring efforts to see where you can refine your process.


Cultivate belonging in the applicant experience

Build an inclusive hiring culture that attracts and engages candidates from a wide range of experiences, cultures and demographics