4 ways to streamline high volume hiring for grocery delivery drivers

Author Mike Marschke Date Mar 23 2022

Grocery shopping, as with nearly every other industry, has undergone a massive transformation even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Self-checkout and ordering kiosks have catapulted the errand into a future of contactless convenience, rendering store associates nearly obsolete. But one area in which people are still necessary is grocery delivery.

Grocery stores around the world either have partnered with door-to-door delivery services or have set up their own delivery method to transport goods directly to consumers. Regardless of the delivery method, grocery stores need drivers to get these orders to front doors.

To get the best drivers on the road in the shortest amount of time, automation should be at the forefront of your applicant tracking system’s features. Why? Keep reading to learn four ways to streamline hiring to get grocery delivery drivers on the road faster.

1. Keep Applicants Engaged

Hiring high volumes of workers can create a serious traffic jam in your hiring funnel. Candidates are likely to drop off if the application requires too many steps, or they might lose interest if there’s too much back and forth with the hiring manager.

An ATS like Fountain helps automate a lot of the stages where applicants often get stuck, like document signing and background checks. Making these steps an integral part of your hiring process that applicants can complete without having to open new browsers will help keep them in the funnel and get them to the offer stage faster.

2. Customize to Optimize

A Fountain customer used drag-and-drop workflows to rearrange their application stages so that by the time the candidates get to the interview stage, they’ve been pre-qualified with automated knockout questions. This customer reported:

“We swapped stages around within the funnels so that we could be more efficient as a team and get applicants through the platform quicker. Now, we do all of our collection upfront so that we can review [the applicants] and approve them as soon as we have a need that week or the next week.”

3. Make Room for Easy Expansion

The ability to condense the hiring process makes it easier to replicate across different locations, allowing your company to expand into new markets and staff those markets quickly.

The aforementioned customer, for example, was able to triple their market presence after one year with Fountain thanks to the high volume hiring platform’s ability to scale based on the needs of certain geographies. The customer took advantage of bulk editing and cloning to replicate their hiring process and eventually manage more than 350 unique workflows, combining functions like data collection, background checks, interview scheduling, and document signing.

4. Save Time, Save Money

Removing barriers in the application process means fewer applicant drop-offs and faster time-to-hire, both of which pave the way for time and money savings.

During the time Fountain has been up and running at this particular grocery delivery company, they’ve reduced their talent acquisition costs by 59%.

In the end, streamlining, condensing, and taking advantage of leveraging workflows enable our customers to focus on other parts of their businesses and leave hiring to us.

To learn how this grocery delivery customer was able to cut hiring costs while growing their market presence, click here to read the full customer story.


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