Fountain AI

Elevate your recruitment with smart AI sourcing

Boost your recruitment strategy with Fountain’s smart AI sourcing solutions.

Key features of Fountain’s smart AI sourcing solutions:

Intelligent sourcing

Seamlessly post jobs on various platforms, create compelling ads, and define role parameters.

Predictive cost models

Receive recommended hiring strategies with predicted sourcing spend, ensuring effective budget allocation.

Assisted hiring

Automate phone screenings, schedule interviews, create candidate communications, and conduct assessments with ease.

Easy offer management

Edit and send templated offer letters, getting candidates to their first day of work faster.

Why choose Fountain for smart AI sourcing?


Increase your recruitment speed by leveraging automated assistance to identify and hire suitable candidates for your organization.


Free up time to build meaningful connections with candidates, focusing on vital tasks that drive your business forward.

Seamless integration

Easily connect Fountain Wave and Fountain Spring to your existing tech stack, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation without disrupting your workflow.

End-to-end automation

Streamline and optimize every aspect of your frontline recruitment process, from candidate sourcing and screening to scheduling interviews and making offers.