Beyond Automation: Digital Transformation with Multi-Cloud and SSO

Author Rob Sicat Date Nov 09 2020

Digital transformation goes beyond automation and beyond one department. It’s a company-wide initiative. In the past few years we’ve seen HR organizations go digital, but it’s been very disparate and transactional. Now, these organizations are transforming their processes and leveling up their tech stacks to meet the new digital demands of remote work and improve job seeker engagement.

As operation teams make digital transformation a priority, they have been met with new challenges to not only be more efficient and data-driven, but also compliant and secure. They need to streamline and protect their data while not disrupting the candidate experience or their internal workforce. With data and assets living everywhere, especially as we enter into the new normal of a remote workforce, this will become more difficult to manage.

This is why today we’re excited to introduce multi-cloud and SSO (Single Sign-On) capabilities for our enterprise customers. These new features will allow IT and security teams to connect, run, and protect any application in their talent acquisition tech stack, while also making your operations teams more efficient and productive. They will also help mitigate risk, while at the same time allowing for flexibility and choice in different technology providers. Both new features will add a robust layer of security and agility, allowing enterprise organizations to establish resilient performance and global coverage within their virtual cloud infrastructure.

“SSO and multi-cloud allow us to deliver a best-in-class solution to safeguard our customers’ data, empowering enterprise IT/Operations and Security professionals with the flexibility to meet a number of business needs for application and infrastructure development and management,” said CEO, Sean Behr.

Digital transformation is about the employee experience. Updating your tech stack, whether it’s your ATS or your background check software, can alleviate manual work so HR can focus on more meaningful conversations with their employees.


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