3 Tips to Attract Gen Z to Manufacturing Positions

Author Mike Marschke Date Mar 25 2022

Does your company’s cheugy hiring process need a glow-up that will make it high key hit different? If you understood that whole sentence, read no further—you are a Gen Z whisperer!

For the rest of us, understanding what really makes Gen Z tick (and tok) can feel like a mystery, especially when it comes to attracting them to manufacturing positions!

Keep reading for three tips on how to attract Gen Z to manufacturing positions.

Break Down Common Assumptions About the Manufacturing Industry

With associations of dingy, smoky, and generally unsafe working conditions, the manufacturing industry’s reputation is no doubt in need of a makeover. Sprucing up your hiring strategy is step one to conveying to Gen Z that manufacturing has come a long way since the Industrial Revolution! Manufacturing now features more technology-based tasks, strictly enforced safety laws, and requires skills that may surpass those of entry-level positions.

When writing job descriptions, be sure to break down common assumptions about manufacturing by focusing on the high-tech aspects of your workers’ day-to-day. Additionally, when creating employer branding materials, be sure to feature imagery of the working conditions of your factories and plants. These photos will help show prospective Gen Z employees what a manufacturing environment really looks like, rather than what they’ve seen in history books.

Make Social Media a Key Part of Your Hiring Strategy

To attract Gen Z to manufacturing positions, you’ll need to meet them where they are—and where they are is online! When building your hiring strategy, earmark a portion of your budget for social media recruitment, especially for the most popular platforms among Zoomers: Snapchat and TikTok.

These apps are a great place to feature content that shows the labor market’s youngest generation working in the manufacturing field. If you’re not sure where to start, book some time with your marketing team so you can better understand how to leverage different social media platforms.

Cat Almanzor-Hancock, Talent Acquisition Leader at North Coast Electric, says that it’s imperative to stay “hip-to-hip” with your marketing team so you can better understand the ins and outs of organic and paid social media marketing.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next social recruitment campaign, check out these viral TikToks that give an inside look into the manufacturing industry.

Prioritize Building a Mobile-friendly Hiring Process

Most Zoomers have had a smartphone since the age of 10! This means that the Gen Z workers you’re trying to attract to manufacturing are very comfortable doing just about everything on their phones—including applying for jobs!

By implementing mobile-friendly hiring software like Fountain, manufacturing TA teams can remove friction from their application processes and get a lot more Gen Z employees in the door!

We hope these three tips give your hiring strategy the drip it needs to make your company the main character of the manufacturing industry—no cap!


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