Top 3 Applicant Tracking System Integration Essentials

Author Nico Roberts Date 11 Jan 2021

As the prominence of digital transformation continues to take shape, it becomes crucial for our applications to be able to communicate with one another. 

In a recent study conducted by, where Human Resources professionals were surveyed to understand what the key elements of high performing applicant tracking systems are, participants were surveyed to understand what applicant tracking system (ATS) integrations are lacking. 

The key finding was that ATS could be much better at integrating with other systems. These 3 were commonly listed as applications that need to be improved heading into the new year: 

  1. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) 
  2. Assessments 
  3. E-Verification  

Interestingly, under 30% of respondents utilize ATS that have these components built-in. This means adequate integration capabilities is crucial if their systems are going to be properly utilized. 

These applications are all tied to workforce planning, which refers to organizations preparing employees, managers, and organizational structures for future success. Greater integrations with these tools bring strategic advantages, which is why it’s no surprise that HR teams desire better integrations with their ATS. 

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) 

HRIS combines a number of systems centered around easing the management of all Human Resources related tasks. Recruiters and Human Resources have a relationship that can be comparable to that of an Account Executive and Account Manager. 

Recruiters are the prospectors and closers, while Human Resources are the relationship managers once candidates are signed and part of the organization. It’s crucial that these departments are able to work together seamlessly.


Companies like EduMe, Lessonly, Northpass, and Traitify are commonly used as assessment tools by applicant tracking systems. They do a great job of providing a simple way to train and test your candidates. 

These tools are necessary when you’re recruiting a high-volume amount of candidates across many different locations. Ensuring applicants have the skills necessary to perform in the role they’re applying for is crucial as you scale your recruitment.


Online verification tool integrations are a necessity for all applicant tracking systems. Oftentimes they’re used to determine a candidate’s eligibility to work for your organization. E-verification can include online ID verification, document signing, and applicant background checks. 

There are a variety of e-verification options to choose from. We’ve compiled a few here for your convenience: 

ID verification include 

Document signing 

Background checks


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