Preparing for hospitality growth

In the fast-paced and ever-growing hospitality industry, hiring the right talent is essential for success. With the industry projected to see significant growth in 2023 and an expected compounded annual growth rate of 5.5% through 2028, it’s crucial for companies to be proactive in their hiring strategies to meet increasing demand.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the challenges the hospitality industry faces in the years ahead, and provide effective solutions to overcome them and achieve hiring success.

High turnover rates

One of the biggest challenges in the hospitality industry is high turnover, with a 73% annual turnover rate and 6% of staff leaving every month. Hospitality jobs often have high demands and can be physically and mentally demanding for workers. This leads to frequent turnover, which can disrupt operations and impact the quality of service provided to guests.

Seasonal fluctuations

Another challenge in the hospitality industry revolves around the seasonal nature of the business. During peak seasons and holidays, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality establishments experience a surge in demand and require additional staff. However, finding and hiring temporary workers within a short timeframe can be challenging and overwhelming for hiring teams and location managers.

Wide-ranging job duties

Hospitality positions encompass a wide range of job duties, from guest services and front desk operations to housekeeping and groundskeeping. Finding candidates who possess the right combination of skills and competencies can be a major chore for hiring teams, one that can be remedied with the right tools and systems.

How to solve these challenges with a high volume ATS

To overcome these hiring challenges, many businesses in the hospitality industry are turning to high volume applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Fountain Hire.

With Fountain Hire, hospitality employers can streamline their hiring processes and attract a larger pool of applicants. Mobile-first technology and seamless integrations with other tech tools allow candidates to complete the entire application and onboarding process from their mobile devices, simplifying the hiring process and reducing time-to-hire.

By utilizing a high volume ATS like Fountain Hire, hospitality businesses can save time, improve efficiency, and ensure they have the right talent when they need it. Streamlining the hiring process allows establishments to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences and driving business growth.

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