5 high volume recruitment strategies for smarter hiring

Author Nico Roberts Date Mar 22 2024

High volume recruitment can sometimes be synonymous with constant recruitment. Too many recruitment teams spend hours on inefficient processes and manual administrative tasks, wasting valuable time and resources on platforms that may never deliver quality candidates.

Better results are available. It’s just a matter of making strategic changes. (Just ask our customers!)

In this post, we’ll look at strategies you can implement today to streamline your recruitment process. These simple methods will enable you to find better candidates and recruit them more consistently with less stress.

What can a streamlined recruitment process do for you?

A more efficient recruitment process brings major benefits both in the short term and long term. Here are a few to consider.

  • Cost reduction. Choosing more strategic recruitment platforms can radically reduce ad spend and increase retention rates.
  • Wider reach. Smart recruitment can target a global pool of candidates for various positions, including remote work. It offers the flexibility to reach job seekers in specific industries or locations, ensuring that only suitable candidates apply.
  • Faster recruitment. Online recruitment enhances the entire recruitment lifecycle through technology-driven solutions like pre-screening, background checks, and integrations with third-party services. 
  • More qualified candidates. Posting vacancies on the right platforms can significantly boost the quantity and quality of applications.

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Strategies for improving your high volume recruitment 

Let’s dive into a few easy-to-implement strategies to propel your high volume recruitment process into a new era.

Use social media channels to curate your employer brand

Social media shouldn’t just be used for posting jobs. It’s also an ideal platform to showcase the culture of your workplace.

Part of your recruiting strategy should involve curating a positive employer brand through your website and social media. Interested candidates will likely search for your organization’s online presence to help them make their decision, so use this opportunity to showcase your workplace in the best light. 

woman holding a mobile phone

Use mobile-first platforms

Using a mobile-first platform can help provide the best candidate experience since most hourly job seekers are applying on their phones. Mobile-first recruiting is especially helpful with tasks like interview scheduling: Candidates can select time slots based on the hiring manager’s availability. Candidates also can create video-recorded interviews directly on their mobile devices.

A mobile-first system also enables communication with candidates through SMS and WhatsApp.

Optimize candidate sourcing tools

You may be devoting a large chunk of your recruiting budget to sourcing, but what if we told you you didn’t need to do this? In short, work smarter, not harder with these sourcing tools.

Promote innovative perks

Offering a competitive wage is an important aspect of any job and essential for recruiting hourly workers. But to truly stand out from competitors and attract the highest-quality candidates, offer something that will speak to applicants’ lives outside of work.

For example, Walmart started offering on-the-job English lessons to Spanish-speaking workers as an incentive for entry-level employees. Walmart has recently expanded this service to include a free online school program. This offering has boosted Walmart’s reputation as a more employee-friendly place to work.

Your recruitment strategy for hourly positions should include perks that can help employees not only enjoy their time at work but also their time away. Provide extra perks like working from home (if possible), a collaborative open office environment, or occasional company social events. 

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Create a referral program

Referral bonuses can be a rewarding way to task your existing or former workers with finding quality talent. Re-engaging past employees who have left to fulfill other obligations can help you fill roles when your busy season hits, or they can provide recommendations for workers who might have gaps in their schedule and are looking to fill them.

Additionally, a referral program can incentivize current employees to recommend people who might be a good fit for open roles. In this way, your employees serve as brand ambassadors, and you can reward them if their referral is hired.

How software streamlines the recruitment process

A modern recruitment platform simplifies the workflow for recruiters and potential hires.

For example, Text-to-Apply via SMS and WhatsApp messaging allows applicants to apply where they spend most of their time (on their phones) and then keeps candidates informed with updated status notifications and appointment reminders. Real-time updates enable recruiters to instantly engage with applicants, move them through the funnel, and create a better candidate experience.

laptop computer open showing data and analytics

Once candidates make it to the interview stage, HR teams can scale their pool of recruits without having to scale labor hours. A video interview can be recorded directly in the app, which recruiters can review the video at their convenience.

Solutions built for high volume recruiters 

Today’s hourly workers want (and need) to be recruited quickly, sometimes in a matter of days. To meet their demands, your recruitment technology should be able to match this pace while also allowing you visibility into critical insights.

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