How to Do More with Less

Maximize ROI through Strategic Frontline Hiring and Retention

Amid current economic uncertainty, organizations are seeking ways to minimize spend and optimize efficiency. HR departments are bearing the brunt of this strategic shift—recruiting teams are asked to be as cost-effective as possible while also facing skyrocketing turnover. 

As a result, HR teams need to learn how to maximize the strategy piece and work with what they have if they want to see (and show leadership) proven results. 

In How to Do More with Less, we’ll reveal:

  • common challenges to achieving workforce management efficiency and maximizing your ROI,
  • how to assess, consolidate, and optimize your current HR tech stack, 
  • how to successfully implement workforce management solutions to enhance your ability to do more with less, and 
  • how these practices will directly influence your hiring and retention efforts, and how that ties back to your ROI.

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