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Author Salim Jernite Date Jan 31 2024

Did you know? Fewer than half of HR leaders prioritize onboarding as a part of their hiring process, but organizations with a solid employee onboarding process can increase retention by up to 82%!

So why does this ever-crucial step often fall by the wayside?

Onboarding can be a huge time drain for hiring teams, especially those with limited resources. And heavy reliance on manual systems makes this critical stage in the hiring journey even more time-consuming and cumbersome.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce two new products: Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance. 

Fountain Onboard is a powerful onboarding solution designed to help you get frontline workers to their first day with ease, while Fountain Compliance serves to simplify workforce management and provide transparent oversight of compliance status. 

Keep reading to learn how these solutions help solve common pain points of employee onboarding and worker compliance, and prepare your new hires for their first day on the job and beyond.

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Current pain points of employee onboarding and compliance

Once a candidate is hired, the employee onboarding process begins—a process that is often a series of complicated paperwork, checklist management, and subpar communication. 

And the roadblocks don’t stop there. 

Lengthy processes

Existing onboarding processes for frontline workers are long, arduous, and not always clear for the new hire. These tasks can cause new hires to feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and disengaged before they start the job. 

Their perception of a poor process may even cause concern about an organization’s efficiency and can be enough to make a candidate drop out of the process altogether. And in a competitive job market, companies can’t afford to lose top talent due to faulty onboarding.

On the recruiter side, time-consuming onboarding and manual compliance efforts can place a strain on teams and resources. Recruiters can get caught up in manual tasks, diverting their efforts away from other critical steps that would benefit from their attention.

Lack of engagement 

Generic onboarding materials can leave new hires feeling like they’re just a number. And when you’re trying to build a top-performing team of loyal workers, you want them to feel like a valuable part of the organization.

When onboarding content isn’t tailored to your company’s brand and values, this can perpetuate misunderstanding among new hires. Inconsistent messaging and training materials can create confusion about new hire expectations and company values. 

On the compliance front, basic compliance frameworks that don’t address specific regulatory nuances and needs of the organization may hinder adaptability and efficiency.

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Resource overload

Managers and recruiters already are stretched thin, which is precipitated even further by manual onboarding processes. Poor onboarding efforts can result in misinformation and miscommunication, and can cause new hires to feel lost and unseen.

When time, attention, and energy are spent too richly in one area of the hiring funnel, other areas are neglected and, ultimately, candidates suffer. 

How Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance solve these problems

Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance address these problems by tailoring the onboarding and compliance experiences to a company’s unique needs and delivering a seamless and personalized introduction to your workplace. 

How? See below.

Increased speed and efficiency 

Fountain Onboard integrates with existing hiring workflows to create a seamless transition from candidate to new hire. This helps minimize disruptions and ensures new hires can be quickly trained and ready to perform their duties on day one.

Faster onboarding also translates to reduced administrative burdens for recruiters, allowing recruiting teams to focus on more strategic and human-centric tasks rather than spending time on manual onboarding processes. 

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Accelerated compliance processes also work to increase efficiency, ensuring rapid adaptions of new workforce data and documents. This efficiency decreases the amount of manual effort required to complete compliance tasks, allowing recruiting teams to focus more on strategy rather than lengthy procedures. 

A customized and branded onboarding experience 

Companies can customize their onboarding process with Fountain Onboard and present candidates with a personalized experience that aligns with their new employer’s culture and values. 

Fountain Compliance’s customizable rules and personalized configurations cater to unique business requirements and provide a tailored approach to workforce compliance management. 

Overall, customization and personalization can result in increased candidate engagement while minimizing a new hire’s learning curve and allowing them to get up to speed faster.

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Higher chances for employee retention and productivity

Fountain Onboard creates the opportunity for increased retention rates. Candidates are aligned with company values early on and are more likely to become motivated and committed team members. 

A speedy onboarding process results in enhanced productivity elsewhere in the hiring funnel. This is made possible by Fountain Onboard’s ability to seamlessly integrate into existing hiring workflows. 

Companies that have used Fountain Onboard have seen a 60% reduction in the time it takes to onboard new hires. 

Transparent oversight 

Through real-time compliance status updates and transparent communications, Fountain Compliance provides workers and administrators with instant visibility. This also helps ensure a clear understanding of compliance expectations and creates a more connected and informed workforce. 

Fountain features for improved employee onboarding and compliance

How do Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance accomplish these innovative feats? Keep reading to learn more about the features of our new user-friendly platforms. 

The power of AI

With AI-powered technology, Fountain Onboard users can rely on automation to take care of manual tasks. Coupled with batch processing, Fountain Onboard’s AI capabilities help accelerate onboarding and eliminate the need for manual recruiter involvement. This allows hiring managers to delegate tasks and recruiters to focus on making sure new hires feel welcome and are ready for their first day. 

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Fountain Compliance also uses advanced AI technology to assess data and documentation, reducing the need for manual reviews. This allows for more precise verification but also alerts system administrators when human involvement is required. 

Branded communications 

Fountain Onboard’s personalized task dashboard and mobile portal feature a branded interface that helps create a consistent experience for new hires. This feature also helps enhance new hires’ sense of belonging before they even start their first shift. 

85% of new hires who went through a branded onboarding journey reported the experience as positive.

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Fountain Compliance also delivers a fully branded compliance experience and interface, fostering a sense of inclusion and belonging before day one. 

Streamlined and simplified workflows

Within Fountain Onboard, recruiters can create onboarding tasks based on location, role, or any desired segment. By fully integrating with other HR tools, Fountain Onboard also offers a password-free login, nonlinear workflows for parallel task completion, and the option for automated communication with new hires.

Tailored progress tracking, customized compliance 

Knowing how your onboarding and compliance processes work and whether they’re effective are integral to Fountain’s feature capabilities. Customized dashboards allow visibility into onboarding workflows and individual onboarding journeys, allowing users to make changes to improve processes.

Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance: Your start date solutions

With these two innovative solutions that seamlessly integrating into your current hiring process, you’ll be able to create a positive, engaging, and informative journey for new hires while presenting a fully branded interface for a consistent experience.

With these features, Fountain Onboard and Fountain Compliance can help reduce drop-off rates while ensuring your new hires are set up for success from day one.

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Fountain Onboard: Your start-date solution

Want to build a future-proof onboarding strategy? See how we’re revolutionizing the onboarding game with Fountain Onboard, a customizable, AI-powered, and user-friendly platform that gets your new hires to day one with ease.

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