7 Festive Subject Lines to Replace Traditional, Boring Outreach

Author Mike Marschke Date Dec 08 2020

The holidays are a wonderful time to reflect on the growth you’ve made throughout and identify areas of improvement. When you survey the different steps of your recruiting workflow is there anything that stands out? If so, it’s that time of year to address it and make a change. 

Here’s a New Year’s resolution I think all of us can get behind: Leave boring subject lines in 2020! Most subject lines are predictable, generic, and utterly boring. Here are a few ideas for festive recruiting subject lines you can utilize (steal, I give you permission) this holiday season: 


  1. There Won’t Be Any Candidate Ghosting This Season 👻 

One of the common complaints candidates have for recruiters is that at some point in the process they’ll just stop responding. This is a fun way to let them know early they can count on you to not “ghost” them.

  1. I Have a Spooktacular Role Just For You!

A small themed change like this can help distinguish you from the competition. Candidates on the market are receiving numerous emails from recruiters, so anything that can set you apart will help you get a leg up on the competition. 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I’ve Got a Treat For You…

While this one is a little more ambiguous, it’s more intriguing than the traditional emails they’ll be receiving from other recruiters. Make sure in your email body you make it clear the type of role that you’re offering them, so there isn’t any confusion. 


  1. You Need to Goble-Goble This Opportunity I Have For You! 

Is this one a touch cheesy? Yes. But again, the goal is to distinguish yourself from the competition. This subject should do a good job of replacing the monotonous subject lines they’re used to seeing. 


  1. Deck The Halls With New Employment! 

If I’m being honest I didn’t exactly know what deck the halls meant… I was able to intuitively figure it out, but that is slightly concerning. Don’t worry, your prospects will be much smarter than I.  

  1. Treat Yourself To a New Job This Holiday Season 

Who doesn’t love a good treat? This one is quite direct with whomever you’re reaching out to, so there is no confusion that you’re reaching out about a new job opportunity. Sometimes, less is more. 

  1. I Have a Job That Would Make Santa’s Elves Jealous… 

This one maaay be more cheesy than our Thanksgiving option. But have you seen Santa’s Elves? They look like the happiest workers I’ve ever seen.


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