What Job Seekers in the UK Want High Volume Recruiters To Know

Sometimes building a great candidate experience can feel like a shot in the dark. Questions might include: Where do UK job seekers look for jobs? What do they even want in a job description? How in the world do they want to be contacted? If these are the kinds of questions that keep you up at night, the fix is in!

We anonymously surveyed 882 hourly UK job seekers in the UK in February 2021 and crunched the numbers into a handy guide and a nifty infographic. Get a sneak peek into our survey results by checking out just a few of the insights we gathered below:

How Many Jobs Do They Apply to at a Time?

UK Job seekers typically apply to 2-3 jobs at a time.

How Long Do They Expect the Hiring Process to Take?

Most UK job seekers expect the hiring process to take less than 30 days from the time they submit their application.

Do Most Job Seekers in the UK of Them Have a CV/Resume?

Most UK job seekers in the UK have a CV/resume, but they prefer to be judged on other qualities such as general years of work experience, responsibilities, and soft skills.

To view the full survey results, download our guide 7 Things Job Seekers Want High Volume Recruiters to Know (UK Edition).

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