What Are The Top Gig Apps Consumers Are Using?

Author Sean Behr Date 26 Mar 2019

There are around 57 million people in the gig economy, which works out about a third (36%) of the U.S population. The gig economy is made up of freelancers and on-demand workers who value flexibility and freedom while earning money. Some gig economy jobs provide a boost to existing income, while others are used to replace traditional jobs altogether. There is no end to the type of work that can be done as part of the gig economy.

Below are some of the top gig apps consumers are using.

Top Gig Apps

UberEATS is one of the top gigs on demand

As an UberEATS driver, you can use your car, motorbike, or even your pedal bike to pick up food from a restaurant and deliver the order to the buyer’s door. Pickup, drop-off and mileage are all taken into account when UberEATS pays. However, the money you earn is also dependent on the city you are in and the time of day. The average pay for an UberEATS driver is $8 – $12 per hour.

Deliveroo is a top gig app

Like UberEATS, Deliveroo is a food delivery service which allows you to deliver with your car, bike or scooter. Your salary will vary based on the jobs you do, but the average salary of a Deliveroo driver is about $10 – $12 per hour. Deliveroo also offers access to protective clothing and protective phone cases as a perk of the gig.

Look to Lime for gigs on demand

Lime is a rental service which prides itself on being smart and green, renting only electric scooters, electric assist bikes and pedal bikes. At some point, these smart modes of transport will need charging. As a Lime scooter charger or ‘Juicer’, you can be paid for collecting low-on-charge scooters and charging them in your home overnight, then returning them to their nests each morning. How much you make depends on how many bikes or scooters you charge.

Most scooters are worth $5, but you can make up to $20 a scooter, depending on your location and other factors. Even better, Lime offers bonuses for people who charge a large number of scooters within a given time. For example, if you charge 30 scooters within a fortnight, you are rewarded with a $150 bonus.

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Amazon flex is one the fastest growing online gig sites

When it comes to Amazon, there is no need for an introduction. But what you might not know is that with Amazon Flex you can make up to $25 an hour collecting and delivering parcels. You can schedule ahead to let Amazon know when you want a job, or just select an available time-slot when it appears.

Rentah is a fast-growing gig app

Rentah is an app which allows you to rent out practically anything you own. From cameras to lawnmowers and music equipment to video games, you can, in theory, upload a photo of anything you have, along with a price for each day, or week of the rental.

Try online gig site Rent my wardrobe

Unlike other clothes-renting apps, Rent My Wardrobe allows people to rent clothes from others, locally. As a clothes supplier, you can upload photos of the items of clothing that you want to rent, along with a price per day or week. Renters can come to your house to pick up the clothes, or you can meet at an agreed location.

AirBnb is already considered a top gig app

With Airbnb, you can rent your home to guests and holidaymakers for up to $1500 per month. You can choose your own schedule, decide how much to charge and have autonomy over the kinds of guests that you will accept. You can be present in your home and act as a host, or you can choose to offer a more private experience.

Use Shipt to find online gigs

As a Shipt personal grocery shopper, you can make an average of $22 per hour picking up other people’s groceries from the supermarket. Then, you deliver them to their respective buyers at their homes. Unlike other similar grocery collecting apps, you are not penalised for refusing orders.

Top gig app: Turo lets you rent your car for cash

If you have a car which you do not need all the time, Turo might be the app for you. Maybe you have a second car that rarely sees the light of day, or maybe you only use your car for long distances; either way, Turo allows you to make money while it is not in use. Simply list your car for rent on Turo for a daily rental fee.

Dolly let’s you book gigs to help people move

Dolly is an app which connects people who need help moving house to those who can help them. If you have a car and can lift 75lbs, you can become a ‘hand’ and help people to box up and carry their items from their homes to a rental van or their car. If you have a truck or van, you can become a ‘helper’ and earn $30 an hour or more from helping people complete their entire move.

Care.com is one of the most popular online gig sites

Care.com is a site which provides carers of all kinds to people who need them, from care for the elderly, to special needs carers, to babysitters and pet-sitters. You can choose which jobs you want to apply for, based on locality or other factors. Additionally, you can list yourself on the online gig site as a caregiver and potential employers can contact you. Your earnings can vary between $10 and $20 per hour, but there is a monthly (or annual) membership fee.

Use Handy for gigs on demand

If you enjoy cleaning, or you are a handyman, or even an electrician, signing up to Handy might be a smart way to bring in some extra cash, or even make it your day job. Salaries vary depending on what service you provide and who you work for, but cleaners tend to make around $18 per hour on average, while a handyman is likely to earn $30 on average.

Hellotech is a top gig app

HelloTech connects ‘techy’ people to those in need of tech support, such as computer help, TV mounting and setting up Wi-fi. Customers schedule an appointment through the site and if you want it, you can automatically claim the job. The site boasts a pay rate of up to $90 per hour.

Helpr is an online gig stie that connects families to caregivers

The Helpr app connects babysitters to families who require childcare. Normal pay rates at Helpr.com are said to be between $23 and $26 per hour. Using Helpr provides peace of mind as workers are subject to background checks and screening.

Instawork is an online gig app for filling in local shifts

Instawork is an app for anyone who has some extra time and wants to pick up a shift quickly. Staff are recruited temporarily by local businesses for shifts, which is perfect for someone who does not want a contracted commitment, yet still wants part-time work. Payments are made through the app and wages depend on the company that hires you.

MaidsApp is a top gig app for house cleaners

MaidsApp connects cleaners and maids to individuals in need. With an average salary of $25 per hour, the cleaners at MaidsApp are paid more than the national minimum wage.. Additionally, cleaners have the flexibility and the ability to build their own schedule.

Shiftgig is a top gig app for finding shifts at local businesses

Shiftgig is a similar application to Instawork in that you pick up shifts from different businesses and companies, in a variety of different roles. These sorts of apps allow you to work as much or as little, as you want, in different roles, including foodservice, hospitality and retail . Salaries can vary from $10 – $20 and can be higher, depending on who hires you.

Takl is top gig app for home services and odd jobs

Takl provides almost every service you can think of related to home life. This includes:

  • Assembling furniture.
  • Picking up deliveries.
  • Removing junk.
  • Cleaning.
  • Gardening.

Essentially, Takl is an app which allows ‘providers’ to claim odd jobs or errands. Chores are pre-priced based on whether they are considered to be small or large tasks and you can earn $50, or even $300 per job.

Fancy Hands is an online gig site for personal assistants looking for work

At Fancy Hands, you can become a personal assistant. You are hired to:

  • Make calls.
  • Create schedules.
  • Make purchases.
  • Produce expense reports.
  • Find contact information.

All these tasks are done from the comfort of your own home. While some of these tasks can become complicated, Fancy Hands pays quite well. However, there is a monthly membership fee with the most basic plan costing $29.99 a month.

Feastly is an online gig site for catering

If you have experience in the kitchen, using Feastly for gigs on demand can be a way to do some on-the-side catering. As a chef, you are required to come up with a menu, including pictures and descriptions of your dishes, then diners can select your menu from the site and buy a ticket to your meal. Feastly takes a 10% cut of each ticket sold, but you decide on the price of your tickets.

TopCoder is a top gig app for coders

TopCoder community members can choose to compete in developing, data science and programming challenges. Coders who win these challenges receive a (usually quite sizeable) sum of money for their efforts. However, if you do not win the challenge, you receive nothing. Competition is high for some challenges, so the chance of being rewarded is low. However, other challenges have less competition and as long as you have some skill in this area, you will probably be rewarded at some point. This may not be the best option for acquiring a steady or regular income, but it can be a rewarding hobby if you manage to win.

Tutorfair is great for tutoring gigs on demand

As a tutor at Tutorfair, you can make a free profile and are allowed to connect with clients immediately, without paying a membership fee. The salary is usually high, with some tutors earning around $80 per hour (after commission). However, this depends on the job and the subject you are tutoring. Though Tutorfair takes 25% commission, this decreases to 20% once you have completed 100+ hours of tutoring. Additionally, Tutorfair spends the commission they take, on training volunteer tutors to provide free tuition for underprivileged children.

EasyShift is a top gig app for quick tasks

While using the EasyShift app, you can complete small, quick-to-complete tasks for payment, including taking photos of products, checking prices and reviewing promotions at local stores. These odd jobs pay around $2 – $5, although some more complex tasks can pay up to $20.

Spare5 is great for finding online gigs based on your skills

At Spare5, you can earn up to $20 an hour completing easy tasks on the web, meaning you can earn money in your own home or anywhere else where you can access the internet. However, tasks are often limited per person and the number of tasks available also depends on your location and demographics.

Figure eight is a top gig app for online work

Like Spare5, as a contributor at Figure Eight, you will be paid for doing small, simple web-based tasks. Some of these include transcribing audio clips, moderating online content and drawing boxes around important objects. These tasks usually only take 20 to 30 seconds to complete and as a result, pay only a few cents per task. Someone willing to put the work in could definitely make this add up, as there is no limit as to how many tasks you can do per session.

Final thoughts: Top gig apps

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