Cool Flexible Jobs for Millennials

Millennials now make up the highest number of workers in the U.S. labor force. A survey by FlexJobs found that, like most other generations, the majority of millennials (85%) want to work to pay for the basics, which include housing and food. The research also found that 82% of millennials stated that work-life balance was a key factor when deciding whether to accept a job. Additionally, 71% of millennials said that flexibility is very important in future jobs.

Flexibility is so important to millennials that the majority of the FlexJob’s survey respondents said that they would prefer to have job flexibility instead of health insurance.

Part-time jobs for millennials provide the level of flexibility that millennials value. Shift and hourly work combine the opportunity to earn money to pay for necessities with the flexibility to enjoy a work-life balance. However, some hourly jobs for millennials may not provide the work-life balance that millennials want, due to uncertainty in scheduling shifts. Some states have tried to increase the certainty associated with hourly work by introducing predictive scheduling legislation. These laws mandate that certain industries must give adequate notice when informing workers about their shift.

Millennials have the choice to do work that qualifies them as a contract worker or employee when looking for part-time work. The great news is that there is an abundance of part-time jobs for millennials. The freelance gig economy has created a wide variety of jobs for millennials in different industries.

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Below are some of the best flexible jobs for millennials.

Flexible driving jobs for millennials

‍Food delivery driver‍ jobs for millennials

Traditionally, workers could only get work with a single restaurant as food delivery drivers. However, delivery companies, like Deliveroo and UberEats, work on the premise that you collect food from different restaurants and deliver it straight to the customer’s door. As well as the pay you receive from the food delivery companies, you also get to keep all your tips, which is why this is a very cool job for millenials.

Uber or Lyft Driver jobs for millennials

Set your own hours and schedule when working this job with flexible hours. You can choose to work full-time or part-time as an Uber or Lyft driver. If you like to drive and have a suitable car, this can be the ideal part-time flexible job for millennials.

Valet driver jobs for millennials

‍If the idea of driving luxury cars appeals to you and you are willing to stand outside for long periods, then this part-time job could be a good fit. Valet drivers can work at luxury hotels, restaurants or country clubs. You will also need to be a good and careful driver and be able to keep calm under pressure.

Restaurant part-time jobs for millennials

Bartender or server jobs for millennials

This cool part-time job is for millennials who like being social and also enjoy food. It is likely that you will be an hourly worker if you have a server or bartender job. You can make a significant amount of money as a bartender or server. This is because you will earn your hourly wage, which will be boosted by tips from customers. The turnover rate of bars and restaurants are generally high, so there is always a chance that hiring is taking place in a restaurant or bar near you. Bartending is also a skill that you can take with you and find jobs doing if you decide to travel the world.

Barista jobs for millennials

The coffee shop market has grown to over $45 billion in 2018. If you enjoy working with people, have a good recollection of drink recipes and love being part of a team, you should think about applying for a flexible part-time job at your local coffee shop. You could either choose to work for a chain, like Starbucks, or an independent coffee shop.

Baker jobs for millennials

Part-time bakers normally work early morning hours. This is an ideal part-time job if you want to have the remainder of the day to yourself. You are likely to have set hours as a baker, but the early shifts mean that you have more flexibility to pursue interests outside of work.

Private chef jobs for millennials

This cool part-time job can be very flexible as you can set your own hours around the needs of your clients. You will need experience of preparing healthy meals and working in a restaurant. You can work with families who are time poor but still want to eat well. A qualification or certification in prepping food will also be useful for this work.

Events jobs for millennials

Cooking tour guide jobs for millennials

Cooking tours are becoming more popular as interests in the cuisines of different cities continue to grow. If you know your way around your city and have an interest in food, you could apply for a job with flexible hours with a food tour company to become a cooking tour guide.

Caterer jobs for millennials

The list of events that need catering is endless. You can start with your family and friends to gain experience and testimonials when starting to do this type of flexible work. If you are unsure about going it alone in catering, contact local catering companies to find out if they have vacancies.

Wedding photographer jobs for millennials

This flexible job is well suited to millennials with great photography skills. It is likely that you will be required to work the whole day for a wedding. However, apart from being present at the wedding, you can work your own hours when editing the pictures, as long as they are delivered by the agreed deadline. 

Flexible jobs in education for millennials

Tutor jobs for millennials

If you are highly-qualified in a subject, you can use this knowledge to help someone who is struggling, by becoming a tutor. You can normally set your own hours to achieve the flexibility you want. There are a number of franchises and companies that provide their tutors with the information and equipment required to carry out this flexible part-time job. The great thing about tutoring as a job for millennials is that you are not restricted to local work. Your students can be based anywhere and you can work with them via platforms, like Skype.

Teacher assistant jobs for millennials

This part-time job is for millennials who are thinking about teaching as a career but want to get some hands-on experience before they make a decision. A teacher’s assistant helps teachers with the students and keeps the class running smoothly.

Language teacher jobs for millennials

Your fluency in another language will make you ideal for this flexible job. Alternatively, you can teach English online if you have the right qualifications. You have the choice to find your own clients or you could work with a company that provides language teaching services. You could even use this cool job to teach English overseas in a country of your choice!

Retail jobs for millennials

Retail sales associate jobs for millennials

Working as a retail sales associate is ideal for you if you like interacting with people while selling. You will need to be friendly and approachable with the willingness to go above and beyond to help customers. Retail work is normally part-time and flexible, which makes it ideal for students who want to earn money in their spare time.

Cashier jobs for millennials

This flexible part-time job is available in supermarkets or in businesses that use a point of sale. As a cashier, you will be scanning items, swiping cards or accepting cash while providing a friendly service.

Receptionist jobs for millennials

If you have a welcoming and friendly demeanor, a receptionist is a great choice of flexible work. Different types of businesses, like hair salons and gyms, need receptionists to greet their customers. You can choose to be a receptionist in an industry that you are interested in. It is a good idea to use this opportunity to make contacts and network in order to progress in your career.

Property services jobs for millennials

House cleaner jobs for millennials

According to NBC News, hiring a house cleaner can result in families leading a happier and more stress-free life. If you are looking for a job with flexible hours that can make a real difference, think about becoming a house cleaner. You can make an application to a house cleaning company, where you will receive training to clean customers’ homes to an acceptable standard.

House sitter jobs for millennials

This job offers a high level of flexibility. As a house sitter, you will be required to stay in a property while the owners are away. House-sitting gives you the flexibility to go about your daily tasks as long as you take care of the house. You also need to show signs that the property is occupied to act as a deterrent to burglars. This can be a cool job for millennials looking to live a digital nomad lifestyle, as you can earn cash while having a nice place to stay.

Landscaper jobs for millennials

If you like working outdoors, landscaping gardens would be a good part-time job for you. If you do not have the necessary experience to take on big landscaping jobs, you can start out by mowing lawns. This flexible part-time job can be started with no equipment since you could use your customers’ lawn mower to begin with.

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Unconventional jobs for millennials

The flexible part-time jobs above are quite common. If you are a millennial looking for an unconventional job, the following are alternatives to the usual part-time jobs:

Makeup artist jobs for millennials

As a makeup artist, you can choose to work in different fields, such as weddings, films and television and live theatre. You also have the opportunity to work for makeup brands in department stores. The average pay for makeup artists is $60,970, with makeup artists who work in the film industry earning the highest. The majority of makeup artists are freelancers, so you have the flexibility to choose the jobs you want. However, if you work for a brand at a department store, you are less likely to be able to dictate your hours and shifts. And who knows, maybe you end up doing makeup for your celebrity?

Fitness trainer jobs for millennials

If you have an interest in health and fitness, this cool flexible job for millennials may be for you. There is a wide variety of classes that you can teach as a fitness trainer, such as pilates, dance and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). These days, fitness trainers are not restricted to only working in gyms. They can work in private studios, hospitals and schools. The average pay for a fitness trainer is $39,210 with the top 10% of fitness trainers earning more than $74,000 annually. Due to the flexibility of fitness trainer jobs, you could boost your earnings by offering personal training sessions to private clients. Fitness trainers are also rising on social media as influencers, which could help build the lifestyle you want.

Nurse midwife jobs for millennials

A nurse midwife provides support to women throughout their pregnancy. Most nurses work shifts, so if you are passionate about the health of mothers and babies and need some flexibility, consider becoming a nurse midwife. On average, nurse midwives earn $110,930 per year with the highest 10% earning $180,460 per annum. This unconventional flexible job will require a registered nurse qualification as well as other industry-specific qualifications.

Social media manager jobs for millennials

Millennials are the first generation to grow up in the internet age. As a result, most millennials are experts in using social media. This knowledge can be used to your advantage by becoming a social media manager. Many companies do not understand social media and are looking for people who can use these platforms to give their business more exposure. Social media managers earn an average of $49,252. The amount of flexibility you enjoy as a social media manager depends on the route you choose. Working in-house or for a media agency may require you to work full-time hours. However, you could choose to work as a freelancer to control your hours and your rates. Being a freelancer also means that you can work remotely and manage your clients’ social media accounts from whatever location you choose.

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