The 11 Best Recruiting Tools for Hiring Managers and Recruiting Teams

The 11 Best Recruiting Tools for Hiring Managers and Recruiting Teams

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it takes about 42 days to fill a vacancy and costs a company £4,000. There’s so much involved in finding an employee, including sourcing the candidate and advertising on paid platforms.

Recruiting is a necessary part of every business. Even if you’re part of the new and growing on-demand economy, you need to find the best recruiting tools to reduce the time to hire and cut costs.

The list below contains some of the best recruiting tools to implement in your business in 2019.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) recruiting tools

AI isn’t a new concept but continues to gain popularity in 2019. Artificial intelligence can be used to automate different parts of the hiring process, like screening. According to Jobvite, a job posting in high demand gets more than 250 resumes and a company will ignore around 65% of these resumes.

More than 66% of CEOs think that AI can provide value in HR by reducing competing demands and better sorting an increasing number of candidates while the recruiter headcount decreases.

AI has become one of the best recruiting tools of 2019 because it’s designed to integrate with most existing applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen candidates in relation to their skills, experience, qualifications and other relevant criteria. Any effective modern hiring software should be using AI to reduce the time to hire and also the cost of hire.

For example, Fountain used AI recruiting tools to make it easier for The Turas Group to engage with thousands of candidates at one time. This group recruits for franchises, like Chick-fil-A, and our solution helped them to fill open positions across multiple locations.

In fact, using Fountain’s best-in-class AI recruiting tools, The Turas Group’s time to hire was reduced from 14 days to just 3 days. They were also able to handle nearly 2,000 applicants per recruiter.

Find out more about how The Turas Group used Fountain’s AI and automation features to manage and communicate with thousands of candidates as well as upload every candidate’s information from franchisees’ ATS into one simple dashboard.

2. De-biasing online recruiting tools

Companies should always take every opportunity to reduce bias in their full cycle recruitment  process. Some of the best online recruiting tools have been developed to ensure that bias is removed from job descriptions, screening resumes and sourcing candidates. De-biasing online recruiting tools work by using AI to ignore candidates’ demographics, for example, implied gender, race and age, when reviewing resumes and online profiles. This ties directly into workplace diversity, which has also increased in importance in 2019. This is especially the case if you recruit millennials since diversity is one of the traits they desire the most.

3. Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

In short, ATS is an online database tool that stores applicant’s profiles and sorts resumes according to specified criteria, for example, skills, qualifications and employment history.

It’s reported that more that 98% of large companies use some type of ATS and small businesses also make use of this online recruiting tool. This means that ATSs are one of the most common types of recruiting tools to use in 2019. ATS systems should be used with modern recruitment software to give your company the best experience. Most HR professionals and recruiters find that an ATS is one of the best online recruiting tools because it can help them to streamline and improve the hiring process.

4. Recruitment chatbot tools

A recruitment chatbot is another one of the best recruiting tools in 2019. Like most other chatbots, recruitment chatbots aim to use as natural language as possible to answer basic queries that candidates have. A fit for purpose recruitment chatbot will streamline the first part of the recruitment process by providing real-time communications to potential candidates.

Companies can use chatbots to answer frequently asked questions about the position, provide updates and give feedback. The proper use of recruitment chatbots will enhance the candidate’s experience, which continues to grow in importance as one of the best new recruiting tools of 2019.

5. Recruitment marketing tools

This online recruiting tool helps recruiting and HR professionals automate and improve their recruitment marketing process to attract the best candidates. With recruitment marketing tools, recruiters can apply best practice – for example, targeted messages, analytics and tech-enabled automation to attract and nurture the right candidate. Recruitment marketing involves using different online recruiting tools, like social media, as well as the best recruiting websites to engage candidates.

This recruiting tool will also help to boost brand awareness. If you’re looking for inspiration about how to advertise and market and hire on social media, here are five companies who have nailed social recruiting.

6. Video interviewing tools for recruiting

According to a survey, 63% of HR managers have used online video or video interviewing software as part of their recruitment process. Video interviewing software enables recruiters to carry out interviews without having to arrange facilities and getting candidates to travel. This type of interview is becoming more relevant as companies need to hire talent from around the world.

With Fountain, you have the option of using one way video interviews to screen your candidates. Your candidates can record interviews which gives you an additional way of choosing the right person for an in-person interview. Candidates will record an interview using their mobile phone by answering questions you have set. For example, why do you want this role? Using this type of employment pre-screening method will help you to assess how the candidate communicates.

7. Job boards and aggregators for online recruiting

Job aggregators are sites that go around the web to search and collect job ads from different sources – for example, search engines, employees’ career sites and job boards. These results are then displayed on the job aggregator sites with a link to the original job adverts.

Job boards, on the other hand, can be free or paid and these are websites where employers post their open vacancies directly onto the site. Job boards have been around for quite some time, but they still remain a relevant online recruiting tool in 2019.

Most of the free famous job boards and aggregators include:


Monster is an employment site and online recruiting tool that’s accessible around the world and finds the right candidates for different positions and provides a convenient way to hire the best talent.


It’s reported that 200 million people visit Indeed’s website every single month. It’s a worldwide search engine where there are hundreds of thousands of job listings, and considered to be one of the best online recruiting tools. Employers are able to post their open job listings on Indeed and there’s no credit card required.


Glassdoor is most famously known as an employer review website. However, it’s also an online job board. What sets Glassdoor apart from other job boards or aggregators is that there’s a large part of the site dedicated for employees to review their employers. Glassdoor also provides useful information in addition to reviews, such as salaries and ratings about different companies.

Google for Jobs

This is a new recruiting tool and onlinet job board,and it’s regarded as a competitor to Indeed and Monster. Google job board is trying to improve its offering and has provided new features such as salary information and applying location filters.

It can get confusing knowing which job aggregator or job board to use. Why not let Fountain online recruiting tools take away the hassle of finding candidates? We take care of your sourcing, so you can spend time concentrating on hiring the workers you need.

With Fountain Boost, get your job listing in front of as many of the right candidates as possible. Using Fountain Boost will also dynamically sponsor or promote your job to get even more qualified applicants.

It’s simple and easy. Just let us know how many hires you need and, with three clicks, we’ll automatically recommend a budget based on your needs and also our data from similar jobs.

With Fountain Boost, you can boost your efficiency by reviewing your applicants in one place, so there’s no need to log in and track your candidates in different systems.

8. Candidate assessment and testing tools

This recruitment tool specializes in online candidate assessments. After you have used the best recruiting websites, candidate assessment should be part of your talent management software. With candidate assessment and testing tools, quickly and easily test how much your candidates know in relation to both the technical aspects and soft skills that are required for the job.

9. Background checking tools for recruiting

This recruitment tool is necessary in 2019 and beyond as it helps recruiters and HR professionals to automate the employment background checking function. Background checking software searches for important information, such as criminal and educational background. Employees can verify a candidate’s employment, financial and criminal history as well as their employment history

Checkr is a popular background checking tool. It provides modern background checks for different businesses. The company uses AI technology to classify records without infringing on compliance issues. They offer different types of screening services, such as employment, criminal and education verifications.

With Fountain’s integrations, we sync with a wide variety of different vendors to ensure a complete end-to-end recruitment system. This includes Checkr, so you won’t have to conduct background checks as a separate part of the recruitment process. We also integrate with different vendors such as electronic signature software, like HelloSign and different learning management systems.

10. Onboarding recruitment tools

Your talent management software must include onboarding recruitment tools because, once you hire someone, it’s crucial to get them onboarded in the right way to avoid becoming one of the statistics that report that 22% of new hires leave a job within about 45 days of being hired.

Onboarding the right way reduces costs and also helps to build a more productive workforce. Modern recruitment software should have an onboarding element. For example, Fountain has onboarding features for new hires to submit paperwork, read handbooks and any other factors that are included in getting your new hires familiar with your company.

When using onboarding as part of your modern hiring software, the amount of paperwork is reduced and all the information about onboarding and training remains in the system, which is easily accessible. Our onboarding process is one of the most popular parts of our recruitment software.

For example, one of our users says:

“Fountain helps streamline processes, shorten onboarding time for an employee, makes scaling in new markets easier and is constantly evolving to meet the new demands of our growing business.”

— Maria O.Head of Product, Caviar

11. Mobile-first modern recruitment tools

This recruitment tool is important to streamline the hiring process and make hiring at scale for on-demand businesses or franchises easy. The whole hiring experience is mobile-first for both you and the candidates.

With Fountain online recruiting tools, you’re able to make use of features that the modern workforce has come to expect. We meet all your hiring needs by having a control hub where you manage different locations of your business in just one dashboard. We also have features, like SMS messaging, to communicate with your candidates at different stages to portray a professional image of your brand.

Our scheduling toolkit also helps you to arrange interviews and send timeslots automatically based on your calendar. This cuts down a considerable amount of time going back and forth to arrange interviews.

The whole HR team or recruitment team can be kept on track with reminders and notifications to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

In essence, we make sourcing, recruiting, hiring and onboarding the best candidates more efficient and faster.