Janitorial Services Hiring Trends for 2022

Author Sean Behr Date May 19 2022

The need for cleaning services is on the rise, especially in light of heightened sanitation precautions brought on by COVID-19. As businesses continue to address this increased demand for cleaning professionals and prepare for the future, it’s worth taking a look at some of the trends that are shaping the world of janitorial services.

Keep reading to learn more about three janitorial services hiring trends for 2022.

Going Green

When it comes to attracting younger generations into the janitorial industry, it’s time to make adjustments to your business practices and accompanying employer brand to reflect the interests of Gen Z and Millennial workers. One place to start? Make your company more green!

According to Fast Company, 40% of Millennials have accepted a role because of a company’s sustainability practices. With younger workers in search of jobs at eco-friendly businesses, it’s no surprise that many janitorial companies have begun to focus on environmentalism within their business practices. In an industry often associated with harsh chemicals and other pollutants, building service contractors (BSCs) must take extra care to focus on green cleaning practices.

More than that, janitorial companies should build environmentalism into their overarching employer brand so that prospective employees are made aware of their eco-friendly values.

Mental Health Benefits

The COVID-19 crisis has shone a light on the stress frontline workers face every single day. Because of this, in addition to traditional healthcare benefits, janitorial services companies should consider offering comprehensive mental health services and employee assistance programs. 

Some companies may also choose to offer employees discounts for mental health-focused apps like Calm or Headspace. As the public continues to rely on custodians to keep their spaces healthy and safe, especially in light of COVID-19, BSCs must invest in their workers’ mental well-being.

High-tech Cleaning Equipment

There is no doubt that the janitorial services industry has an image problem. The word “custodian” may elicit images of mops, buckets, and rags for many—but that doesn’t have to be the case! More and more, technology has become a core part of the world of cleaning. UV-C lights and air purifiers, along with electrostatic cleaners, have become critical tools for professional cleaners.

According to T. Balakrishnan, Vice President of Diversey Care’s Asia Pacific division, “The inclusion of robotic and internet technology within the cleaning industry will help enhance the cleaning industry’s image.” This transformation of the industry is likely to have positive effects on hiring, as well. Companies on the cutting edge of cleaning technology and equipment will have an advantage when it comes to recruiting compared with those that stick to more traditional sanitization practices.

With rapid changes within the world of janitorial services, it can often feel overwhelming to stay up to date with the latest trends. We hope these developments give you the insight you need to stay ahead of the curve and win talent over your competitors.

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