Interview with Pat Brown, CEO of Rent Sons

Interview with Pat Brown, CEO of Rent Sons

Tell me a little bit about what Rent Sons does

“We hire young adults to help out in their communities. I’d say the typical contractor (known as sons and daughters) is somewhere between 18-30 years olds. Kids who are figuring it out, right out of high school or college. It’s a great opportunity as a transition point for people.”

About how many “sons” and “daughters” work at Rent Sons? 

“Right now, we have about 150 employees. The average person works about an average of 200 hours, over the course of 10 months.”

How has your business adapted amid Covid-19? 

“A lot of businesses have been negatively affected. The first week-to-two weeks was difficult, as we were trying to find our footing, trying to figure out what we need to be doing. We were able to adapt fairly quickly and added a service for errand runs. We only charged a donation delivery fee. So if you couldn’t afford to pay, no problem. We raised money to help supplement this cost.

The governor of Rhode Island got wind of this new promotion we were providing and hired us to handle delivery requests to all Covid-19 at-risk individuals, anyone that’s autoimmune. It’s been great for the business and we’re having a great, positive impact.”

What has your experience been hiring hourly workings? 

“We have been using Fountain for about 6 months now. I’m a big fan of the product. Before we started using you guys, we hit the tipping point where we were driving our admin crazy. It was important for us to understand the loss we were experiencing, and Fountain helped us get a grasp on this part of our business.”

Where do you experience the most roadblocks or bottlenecks when hiring members of your hourly workforce? 

“I’d say probably optimizing the interview process, while still keeping it personal. When corona hit, we were having thousands of people apply per week. On top of that, a lot of people were missing interviews because they were taking other jobs. We’ve been adapting, testing with video interviews, while also keeping it personal with phone calls. We are making sure to track the important metrics.”