Hiring in the post-pandemic era: 3 ways to create transformational change in high volume hourly hiring

According to Forbes, there are 82.3 million hourly workers in the United States, accounting for 58.1 percent of the total workforce. The current labor shortage has become incredibly taxing on organizations over the last few years, especially for companies hiring high volumes of hourly candidates. Understanding how to enhance recruiting practices to attract more candidates is crucial for businesses to survive.

Staffing hourly positions is more challenging than ever, and the recruiting tactics that have been used for decades are no longer able to meet demand.

Fountain recently attended RecFest for the first time and hosted a speaking session with two of our customers to discuss their hiring achievements in the current market. Keep reading to learn tangible ways to automate hiring processes, optimize the candidate experience, and get workers in the door, faster.

Use automation to simplify recruiting efforts

In the past, companies have relied on lengthy application processes that require hours of back-and-forth communication between recruiters and applicants. With automation, companies can reduce the time spent on the front end so recruiters can focus their efforts on screening qualified candidates and getting workers onboarded quickly.

At RecFest, Derk-Jan Verhaak from Picnic discussed how his company uses personalized automation to attract candidates: “When someone applies for a specific location, they get thrown into a certain basket and we have a unique video for that location where the location Lead talks about what the applicant can expect working there.”

There are other ways to implement automation to simplify recruiting efforts, including ID verification, background checks, applicant work schedule, and more. Fountain allows our customers to customize the level of automation from 0% to 100%.

Improve the candidate experience

Prioritizing the candidate’s application experience can lead to higher conversion and lower drop-off rates. One way Laundryheap is improving their applicant experience is by simplifying the steps that are part of a candidate’s journey to hire. “We’re not moving our candidates from one platform to another platform to another platform, because that is where you lose them,” said Nick Ward, Senior Commercial Manager at Laundryheap. “If you can keep the applicant all on one platform and keep them engaged—through automation and personal calls—you keep the quality candidates happy, and therefore onboarding is usually more successful.”

Rethinking how employers hire hourly candidates is critical. With Fountain, applicants can apply directly from their phones in less than 10 minutes, resulting in a faster and therefore more satisfying = candidate experience.

Reduce time-to-hire

According to Industry Today, the average time-to-hire is 42 days. In the midst of a labor shortage and high hourly worker turnover rates, getting quality people to work quickly matters. Fountain helps companies reduce time-to-hire from weeks to days—or even hours.

“Time-to-hire is very important, and time-to-hire for quality recruits is even better,” said Ward. “Using simple tools and integrations with Fountain, we have reduced our back-and-forth with candidates and have sped up the verification, education, and onboarding processes to reduce drop-off rates.”

Focusing on automation and the candidate experience results in reduced time-to-hire and enables companies to fill roles faster. If you’re looking for help with how to attract and hire applicants, click here to see how Fountain can help.