Creating the Ultimate Oscars Viewing Party Using Only Your Smartphone

Creating the Ultimate Oscars Viewing Party Using Only Your Smartphone

On Sunday, February 24th, approximately 26 million people will gather to watch the 91st Academy Awards on their TVs, big screens and live streams. The glamour and prestige of Hollywood has always had a hypnotic draw. It’s where our love of movies, talented actors, and celebrities all come together for the big finale of the awards season.

We are social creatures with an insatiable appetite for escapism that suffer from varying degrees of FOMO. It’s no surprise, therefor, that we have taken to seeking out the most sought-after Oscar viewing party. These viewing parties have become the next best thing to being at the actual Academy Awards and people are willing to pay. Tickets to these events can include dinner, drinks, gift bags, VIP access and can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Skip the pricey cost of an official Oscar viewing party and make it a house party.

Not ready to shell out movie star money for your a star-studded night out? You can still get the red carpet experience by staying in and not breaking the bank! Oh and the best part? You can plan the entire thing from your couch by harnessing the power of the gig economy!

Keep reading to get the scoop on creating the ultimate Oscar viewing party your friends will be talking about even more than the winner of Best Picture or the Academy Award host drama!

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And the categories are….

Create a personalized party with the right details.

Best Party Decorations

No party is complete without the proper party decorations. The Oscars are all about the Hollywood fantasy and celebrating actors who transform themselves into timeless film characters. So how about transforming your living room into a mini Dolby Theater? When it comes to Oscar-inspired decor, nothing beats Amazon. You can choose from countless little gold trophies, red carpet runners and golden backdrops to set the stage. What makes Amazon the clear winner in all things party favor is their free 2-day shipping for Prime members and now Prime Now’s 2-hour delivery for all your last-minute party planning!

Best Star-studded Snacks

Nothing goes better with TV-watching than chowing down on some finger food. But who has time to make 100 crustless tea sandwiches and four different types of pizza when you are busy filling out your Academy Awards predictions score cards? That’s where the beauty of on-demand food delivery becomes your best friend. Only the Academy Awards attendees will be at the Oscars after-party at the Governors Ball and dancing the night away while enjoying Wolfgang Puck’s 30-plus dish menu – but this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your own delicious spread. Just like this year’s Super Bowl, GrubHub and UberEats are expected to be the big winners when it comes to food delivery. So don’t fret over food prepping and start ordering!

Opt for delivery rather than multiple store trips.

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Best Provider of Libations

You need to give your guests something to wash down those sliders, right? You can now get alcohol delivered to your door with the push of a button! On-demand companies like Postmates will deliver virtually anything at anytime to your door including alcohol. You also now have a rise in companies that specialize in alcohol-delivery like Drizly, who delivers in 101 markets and Saucey who touts their 30-minute delivery service. So now you can skip running to the market and having to haul cases of beer, champagne and mixers up your steps!

Best Dressed

Depending on the dress code you want to recommend to your guests, you can keep it casual or create a truly glamorous evening with cocktail attire. Gowns and suites, while great for creating memorable photos, are not as great on your wallet. This is where clothing rental is king. Companies like Rent the Runway and Style Lend have become the staple for making an impression on a budget. Simply browse their inventory, filter by size, color, occasion, and have a dress and accessories delivered to you in a few days. For men, tux rental company The Black Tux allows you to choose a style and then uses their fit algorithm to ensure everything fits like a glove. Style Lend items arrive in 2-3 days and can be enjoyed for up to 7 days while Rent the Runway delivers in 1-2 days and you have the option of renting an item for 4 or 8 days. The Black Tux ships out tuxedos 14 days before your event and you have three days after the event to return it in the mail – ample time to get all those Instagram shots!

Best Hair and Makeup

So you have your outfit lined up but your hair and makeup skills are not red carpet-worthy. It’s ok – there’s an app for that! beGlammed is a hair and makeup company offering their services in 23 cities across North America. They deliver hairstylists and makeup artists and even nail technicians directly to clients’ homes, hotels, offices and weddings. Glamsquad also offers hair, makeup and nail services with seasoned professionals. Their app allows you to select your desired services and time and they’ll come to you. Now you can have the pampered celebrity experience from the convenience of your smartphone and couch!

With transportation options, getting to and from the party is a no brainer.

Best Transportation

Did your guest overdo it with the champagne and need a way to get home safely? This one is easy – with Uber or Lyft, calling a driver is simple and convenient. Also, of you’re feeling extra fancy and want to go all out, Uber’s Lux lets you can order a luxury car and professional driver to take you to and from your Oscar party. If you didn’t partake in libations and want a quick way to make the 2-mile journey home, you can also select from a growing range of electric scooters like Lime, Scoot or Bird. Just be mindful of that rental! With so many on-demand transportation options, getting to and from your big Oscar event is a no-brainer.

Best Overnight Stay

Did you get way more out-of-town guests than you planned? If you’re out of couch space and air mattresses then perhaps looking into an Airbnb is a better alternative and super convenient. This is a great option since there is so much variety in the type of places you can rent. Also, hosts have up to 24 hours to accept your request to stay at their location, but sometimes – depending on supply and demand – you can book an Airbnb last-minute when you’re in a pinch if you’re lucky.

And the winner is…

… the gig economy! It’s amazing to think how in just a few years we now have access to so many goods and services with the push of a button. The reason these companies are able to meet the demands of millions of people is because they hire hourly workers in a new, modern way, that drives volume and talented workers.