Best Recruiting Solutions

Best Recruiting Solutions

With the low unemployment rates and advances in recruiting software technology, companies have had to change the way they recruit candidates. The balance has now shifted to a market where candidates and applicants make the choice to work with an employer. A study has found that recruiters believe that the job market is now 90% candidate-driven.

This means that companies and hiring managers need to adapt and use the best recruiting software solutions to identify the most qualified candidates. Sourcing candidates for especially hard-to-fill roles is becoming more challenging and time-consuming. Therefore, savvy hiring managers need to employ a range of innovative recruiting solutions to staff their companies with the most qualified people.

One of the major shifts in recruiting in the last few years is the growth of the contingent workforce, which is  made up of on-demand workers, including temporary employees and gig workers. The right  way to approach job applicants is with a  Amazon Prime subscription mindset. This means that candidates are very aware of what they want and need to be treated like customers.

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You will also gain useful insights, like:

  • The amount of time it takes to get a qualified person through the hiring process.
  • The most common bottlenecks in your hiring process.
  • The number of applicants you need to meet your hiring goals.

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Now that you have access to the key statistics behind one of the biggest shifts in hiring, here are some of the best recruiting solutions :

Innovative recruiting solutions

AI-related recruiting technology is becoming more prevalent. AI recruiting solutions can be used in a whole host of recruiting features. It can be used to source candidates, match them to ideal jobs and also hire remote workers, like independent consultants.

The benefits of using innovative AI recruiting solutions include:

  • Improve the candidate experience.
  • Reduce the time to hire.
  • Reduce bias in the decision-making process.
  • Help recruiters to concentrate on the human element of hiring.
  • Better use of analytics.

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Automation, which is powered by AI is another aspect of innovative recruitment solutions to use in 2019. In fact, automation has revolutionized the hiring process. However, some agencies still find it difficult to use it when sourcing and recruiting clients because they believe that automation will result in loss of their jobs. We have found that the opposite of this is true.

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Using manual processes to engage candidates and manage the recruitment process result in inefficiencies and wasted time. Now, agencies will use automation for  advanced recruiting solutions so they can have better metrics, such as a reduction in hiring and an increase in profits. Implementing automated-enabled technology gives agencies and hiring managers a competitive advantage over companies that are still relying on manual processes.

Even though some agencies have been using some form of automation for a while, for example, in their application tracking system or ATS, this is only the beginning and there is a lot more that can be done with digital recruitment solutions. With fully-automated technology, like Fountain, companies can set their hiring preferences and requirements in one tool to efficiently source candidates, move them through the recruitment process and leverage strategic onboarding programs.

Fountain helps streamline the hiring process and enables hiring managers to find the right candidates, fast. The automation features helps you to:

  • Customize workflows even if you don’t know how to code: You can organize all the candidates’ information in one simple-to-use dashboard.
  • Ability to set hiring rules according to your business needs.
  • Manage recruitment across different location (this feature is especially useful if you are a franchisor or own several franchises).

Cabify is a Madrid-based ride hailing company that has used Fountain’s digital recruitment solutions to grow its network of professional drivers. They chose Fountain to be able to source and onboard their drivers quickly, without compromising their high standards. Fountain enables Cabify to hire their drivers at scale.

Using Fountain’s automated digital recruitment solutions features, Cabify has:

  • Reduced the time to onboard new drivers from 25 days to 4 days.
  • Increased the total number of hires to 253%.

When using cutting-edge recruitment solutions in 2019, a big advantage is an improvement in the candidate experience. With Fountain, you can enhance this with the following features:

  • Applications completed in under one minute.
  • Mobile-first optimized application process.
  • Reminders and interview schedules sent by SMS or emails.
  • Ability to brand your business throughout the entire recruitment life cycle.

Digital job recruiting website solutions

Although free job boards have been around for years, they are still a great way to recruit candidates. Recruiting agencies and hiring managers still use free job boards to fill their talent pipeline and to match candidates to new positions. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages of using them. Although you get more applications when advertising on free job boards, the competition is fierce. It is very difficult to achieve a first page ranking using free job boards for a simple recruiting solution.  

More applicants can be a drawback if they are not qualified. However, if they are qualified, it would help to fill your ATS solution and talent pool. You need a strategy to deal with applicants from simple recruitment solutions like free job boards to maximize your efforts, while reducing the time to hire. A downside to simple recruitment solutions like a free job board is that it can be hard to target the ideal employee, especially if you are looking to fill a specialist position.

Writing good job descriptions is an absolute necessity whether you choose to use free or paid jobs boards (or a mixture of both). Your job descriptions have to be concise but they must also contain the relevant information. [ Learn more: Job Description Samples]

We have a ton of experience in terms of job descriptions that work and have directed our expertise to bringing you job description templates for some of the most common jobs.

It’s simple, you can just copy and paste the job description to use as-is, or you can make changes to better suit your business.

Either way, writing good job descriptions will be one less thing on your plate.

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Fountain helps you to make the best use of your ready-made job description by posting it to more than 80 free job boards.

Start your free trial to put your job description to work on free job boards.

There are times when you will need to use specialist and paid job boards when recruiting  certain types of candidates. One of the best recruitment software solutions to use is to mix your candidate sourcing by using free job boards and paid platforms. With Fountain’s Boost,you can post to both free and paid job boards with a click of a button.

It’s a simple recruitment solution to use. We do all the heavy lifting as you simply let us know what position is open and your budget; we will post your job listing to the most suitable free and paid platforms. This saves you time and it is more efficient, because all the applicants can be managed in one single dashboard.

There’s no need to login to different recruiting platforms where you have listed your job to manage your applicants. With our simple dashboard, you can select or reject applicants at the click of a button.

Best recruiting solution websites

When using the best recruiting websites to secure qualified candidates to fill your talent pipeline, you need the right recruiting software solutions to sort them. The technology you use must be capable of automating communication with your applicants. Failing to communicate with applicants,even if they are unsuccessful, can have a negative impact on your company’s image. Instead, you should aim to send out some type of communication for every single applicant.

Using SMS to communicate with your candidates makes sense because a survey has found that SMS has eight times the response rates of emails. Automating SMS responses means saves your hiring managers time and also projects a professional image of your company.

Another benefit of using SMS is that you can take advantage of this type of communication irrespective of your business size. For example, larger businesses and enterprises, like UberEats and Deliveroo use Fountain recruiting solutions to communicate effectively with their candidates.

Small businesses can also make use of our communication features to hire smarter.

Whether you hire 10, 1,000 or 10,000 plus employees, click the button below for a personalized demo.

Local staffing agency solutions for recruiting

Regional staffing agencies can be used to recruit employees for local jobs. They are generally good at recruiting hourly workers. As more companies are coming around to the idea of using contingent workers, they will start turning to local staffing agencies to source them. In 2019, businesses will want to use recruiting agency solutions that will save time and resources.

This is easily done by using a local staffing agency. If you have a small business, it may be difficult to find the time, or you may not have the expertise, to design adverts, analyze resumes and carry out all the interviews for temporary staff. You also need to ensure that all the paperwork is in order. This is where using a local staffing agency comes in handy. It could be one of the best top talent recrtuing  solutions, as it could save you money.

Even though you have to pay the agency staffing fees, you may save money on paying employee taxes,payroll, workers’ compensation and other benefits. The agency fees you pay will be used to cover most employee expenses. When choosing a local staffing solution,you need to know they will provide the best candidate for your needs and that they are using the most effective recruitment software solution to source the right applicants efficiently.

For example, The Turas Group is a staffing agency that uses Fountain’s advanced recruitment solution so they can serve their clients better. They work with franchises like Chick-fil-A to source, recruit and hire staff for multiple locations.

The Turas Group made their hiring process more efficient using Fountain’s automation to communicate with a high number of candidates. After only a two week lead time to implement Fountain’s digital recruitment solution, The Turas Group experienced a reduction of their time to hire from two weeks to 3 days.

Click here to read the full case study of how The Turas Group uses Fountain to serve their clients better.

Conclusion: Best recruiting solutions

The best recruiting solutions will involve using technology to improve conventional strategies.

Whether you are a staffing agency, a small or a large business, get started with a free trial to find out how Fountain can improve your hiring processes this year and beyond.