5 Emojis for Recruiters

Recruiters have their own language. Talent acquisition, sourcing, time to hire, non-exempt and turnover rate are just a few of the terms that are part of a recruiter’s vocabulary. With so much industry jargon you can bet that recruiters also have their own language when it comes to the emotions they feel while executing hiring processes. Because of this, in honor of World Emoji Day (July 17), we decided to create five emojis that correlate with the many feelings talent acquisition professionals experience day-to-day.

Sometimes 😂 and 🙏 just don’t cut it, check out our five emojis for recruiters below.


Candidate Accepts an Offer Elsewhere 

Candidate Accepts an Offer Elsewhere Emoji

There is no worse feeling than a great candidate accepting an offer at a different organization, or even worse at one of your company’s competitors. This is even more true during the ongoing labor shortage, one of the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. When a candidate turns down an offer to work somewhere else after what seemed like a flawless candidate experience it may make recruiters want to cry, facepalm, or do both at the same time. We think it’s time to get an emoji on the keyboard that depicts just that!


Great Phone Screen

Great Phone Screen Emoji

Ah yes, that amazing sensation you get after screening a totally qualified candidate…well, there’s just nothing like it– until now! This emoji with a smile, thumbs up, and a phone is the perfect way to convey that an awesome candidate just made your day!


Ghosted by a Candidate

Ghosted by a Candidate Emoji

Ghosting, which is when a candidate stops all communication with a recruiter without warning, is on the rise. According to a survey conducted by Indeed, 28% of job seekers have ghosted a potential employer, a number that has gone up by an additional 10 percentage points since 2019. Just as a great phone screen can have you flying high, a candidate going dark for no reason can elicit feelings of confusion and frustration. That’s why we’re considering lobbying Unicode to make this emoji!


Reviewing Applicants

Reviewing Applicants

Looking for the perfect Slack status to let people know that you’re knee deep in applications? This emoji let’s your coworkers know that you’re concentrating on reviewing candidates in your company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) while still reminding them that recruiting is the coolest career path out there, hence the sunglasses.

Geeking Out on LinkedIn 

Geeking Out on LinkedIn Emoji

Have you ever fallen into a LinkedIn hole that you just can’t seem to climb out of? There’s no greater pastime than going on LinkedIn and looking up job candidates, coworkers, bosses, high school bullies, fourth cousins, reality tv show contestants…the list goes on. If you spend more time on LinkedIn than you’d like to admit then this emoji is for you!

Even though there aren’t recruiting-specific emojis yet, fortunately over here at Fountain we speak talent acquisition professionals’ language. Check out our wide variety of recruiting resources and of course have a 💯 belated World Emoji Day!