3 Ways You Can Make Your HR Team’s Life Easier

Author Martin Oliva Date 24 Sep 2021

According to Aptitude Research, 30% of recruiters are feeling burned out this year. This means it’s imperative to think about ways you can make the lives of your company’s recruiters and other HR professionals a little bit easier. And, since Human Resource Professional Day was yesterday, there’s no better time than now to implement changes that can positively impact your HR department.

Here are three ways you can make your HR team’s life easier.

Support Social Recruitment Efforts

One easy way to help reduce your HR team’s workload is by sharing open positions on social media. According to Glassdoor, 79% of applicants use social media during their job search, which means that sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all incredibly valuable when it comes to recruitment. 

Do your part by letting your followers and extended network know about exciting opportunities at your company. Who knows? All of that sharing may help a friend or a loved one score an awesome new job!

Refer Qualified Candidates

Take time to look at your company’s open positions and see if you know anyone personally who might be a fit. Employees who have existing relationships with new hires are 63% more engaged than those who don’t. Referring great candidates can help with company retention and create a positive work environment overall. More than that, many companies incentivize employees to refer candidates, which means helping your HR team can result in an extra pay day for you! Win-win! 

Participate in Employee Pulse Surveys

Many HR teams use employee pulse surveys to get a better understanding of how workers at the company are feeling. While these surveys are typically optional, be sure to participate as much as you can. Providing your candid feedback about company culture, compensation and benefits can help your HR team make more educated decisions that can benefit you moving forward. 

We all could use a helping hand when it comes to getting our jobs done. With the ongoing labor shortage, HR professionals need more support than ever. Do your part and make their lives a little easier by executing these helpful tips.


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