3 Ways to Make Your Recruiting Process More Gender-inclusive

Author Mike Marschke Date 16 Jun 2021

Creating a gender-inclusive workplace starts with a thoughtful recruiting process. With a few changes, you can build recruitment practices that cater to all gender identities and show your company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

Here’s how to get started:

Use gender-neutral pronouns in your job descriptions

According to a 2021 study by Bigeye, about half of Generation Z and Millennials find traditional gender roles and binary gender labels to be antiquated. That should tell you that it’s time to ditch gendered pronouns in your job descriptions and other recruiting materials! 

Replacing the words “he” and “she” with a gender-neutral pronoun like “they” will make your job listings more inclusive of those whose gender identity is non-binary. This easy change is a quick way to make your recruitment practices gender-inclusive from the get-go.

Add your pronouns to your LinkedIn profile and email signature

Another way to make your recruiting process more gender-inclusive is by showing your support for the transgender, non-binary, and genderfluid communities publicly. Fortunately, this is probably even easier than you think! 

LinkedIn offers the option to add your gender pronouns to your profile so they appear right next to your name. Including your pronouns on your LinkedIn profile shows respect for and solidarity with people who may face questions about their gender identity. 

In the example below, Regional Human Resources Manager at Starbucks, Tricia Pelger, added a background photo that illustrates her allyship in addition to including her gender pronouns—way to go, Tricia!

Be an ally

Another great place to include your pronouns is in your email signature. If you correspond with applicants via email, their ability to see your pronouns in your signature will help them learn you value gender inclusivity in the workplace. 

Feature gender inclusivity on your careers page

If you and your company are very passionate about gender inclusivity in the workplace, then why not boast about it on your website? If your organization has policies, events, or even an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that supports gender inclusivity, be sure to mention it on your careers page. 

Adding this information could be the difference between someone shying away from applying for a job at your company versus them knocking down your door to work in your inclusive environment.

If you haven’t implemented these changes yet, it’s time to refresh your recruiting process with some new gender-inclusive practices! We hope that our suggestions can help you and your team build a strong gender-inclusive foundation when it comes to recruitment.


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