3 Tips to Attract Gen Z to Logistics Positions

Author Mike Marschke Date Feb 11 2022

Twenty-five to 33% of logistics employees are nearing retirement age, which means it’s time for logistics companies to shift focus towards recruiting and hiring Gen Z talent. In order to support the global supply chain, the logistics sector must adopt new strategies to attract younger generations into the field. But what will it really take to get Gen Z into the logistics workforce?

Keep reading for tips to attract Gen Z to logistics positions.

Build a Robust Social Media Recruitment Strategy

Filling your open logistics roles with Gen Z workers starts with a strong social media recruitment strategy, a recruiting method in which HR teams leverage popular social media sites to get the word out about their open positions. While promoting positions on Twitter and Instagram certainly can’t hurt, recruiters should focus on building buzz on emerging platforms with a strong Gen Z audience, like TikTok.

When leveraging TikTok, HR should partner closely with their company’s marketing team to create compelling and relatable content that shows the “behind the scenes” of working in the logistics field. Even better, they should aim to bring a bit of levity to the content to show viewers the human side of logistics.

Here are a few Tik Tok videos you can use for inspiration when building your social media recruitment strategy to attract Gen Z to logistics positions. While these videos were made by independent creators (not logistics companies), they successfully show an inside look at what it’s like to be a warehouse worker and a trucker, respectively—and they have tons of views to boot!


Create Clear and Attainable Career Paths

As young people join the workforce, they’ll naturally take on entry-level roles in the job market. To attract Gen Z to logistics positions, building clear and attainable career paths must be high on your list of to-dos! Make sure applicants know that accepting an entry-level logistics job at your company won’t lead to a dead end.

Once you’ve built out career paths for employees, be sure to update your careers page to show prospective employees that upleveling and elevating employees are core to your company’s mission. Consider featuring some testimonials from employees who have started in entry-level positions and worked their way up! Success stories like these will set you apart from the competition.

Build a Mobile-friendly Application Process

Did you know that a quarter of Gen Z has had a smartphone since the age of 10? With a growing number of digital natives joining the workforce, it’s more important than ever to create a mobile-friendly application process to attract Gen Z to logistics positions.

By implementing mobile-friendly hiring software like Fountain, logistics companies can remove friction from their application processes and get a lot more Gen Z employees in the door!

We hope these three tips help supercharge your strategy to attract Gen Z to your open logistics roles!



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