3 Reasons to Use Emojis When Hiring

Author Josh Harrisking Date 15 Jul 2020

As recruiters, we’re always looking for an upper hand. Trying to identify some way to gain a competitive advantage, and better position our company.

A recent trend has been the incorporation of texting into our recruiting processes. With texts having a 98% open rate, compared to email at a 22% open rate, instituting this change has dramatically increased the number of candidates we are able to get into our pipelines.

The addition has also opened the door to the use of emojis. Emojis are a new and exciting form of communication. They can evoke emotion, feeling, and get a message across with little to no words.

A recent sample of 18,278 on openings on the Fountain platform found that only 164 contained a stage where emojis were used to communicate with candidates. Over the last 90 days, only 2.6% of messages sent on Fountain contained an emoji. This is a new form of communication that isn’t widely adopted within the workplace, but one that can improve the outlook of your recruiting. But how do you know what emojis to use, and why should you use them when communicating with candidates?

Here are 3 reasons to use emojis in your recruitment process:

Add levity to the interview process

Job searches can be quite stressful when you’re in the weeds. With over 70% of hourly workers seeking work at multiple jobs, it can also be quite time-consuming.

A simple ‘thumbs-up’ or ‘smiley face’ emoji conveys positive emotion to the recipient. Adding this in personalized or automated messages could give candidates the positive affirmation they need to continue through the interview process.

Convey the proper message

Studies on communication found, when looking at the interpretation of messages, that 7% is verbal, 38% is vocal, and 55% is visual. This means that 93% of nonverbal in nature.

When you send a message via email or text, even more gets lost in translation. The addition of emojis allows us to recoup some of the miscommunication, and send a clearer message to our applicants.

Clearer Feedback From Candidates

It’s important to get feedback from your applicants in any form. Similar to how we want to convey the proper message, our candidates do as well. Allowing the use of emojis will allow them to more adequately express their experience throughout the interview process.



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Director, Technical Program Management

Josh Harrisking

Josh Harrisking is the Director of Technical Program Management at Fountain.