Professional services hiring: Overcoming challenges and enhancing efficiency

Author Sean Behr Date Feb 05 2024

The professional services industry plays an important role in our businesses and their daily operations. This industry delivers solutions to keep our businesses running at full capacity. Workers in this industry can include call center representatives, customer care specialists, security staff, and other critical roles that improve how organizations function.

The professional services industry is seeing major growth: According to Statista, the professional services sector will continue to grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 6.35% through 2028.

In the wake of this expected growth, hiring teams need to prepare accordingly by adopting innovative solutions to streamline recruitment and ensure they’re fully staffed with the right people.

In order to achieve this, though, they’ll also need to address certain challenges that might stand in their way.

This post will highlight some of those challenges and explain how recruiters in the professional services industry can meet the future demand. 

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Professional services hiring challenges

High turnover rates

According to, the turnover rate among professional and business services employees was 63% in 2022. Constantly hiring and training new employees not only increases costs but also negatively affects productivity, for both recruiters and new hires. 

Time-consuming hiring processes

The traditional hiring process in the professional services industry can severely interfere the goal of getting workers hired in a timely fashion. From posting job ads to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, hiring workers can take a significant amount of time and resources.

Increased competition

The increase of technological advancements and the rise of new players in the market have significantly increased competition in the professional services industry. Therefore, businesses need to find ways to differentiate themselves and attract top-notch talent. 

How an ATS built for high volume hiring can help

An applicant tracking system (ATS) built specifically for high volume hiring can be a game-changer for the professional services industry. Many businesses are turning to these kinds of recruitment solutions to solve their hiring challenges in the following ways.

Learn more about how high volume hiring is different from corportate hiring.

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Streamlined hiring processes

Streamlining the hiring process is one way professional services businesses can save time and resources. For example, automating actions like screening applications, scheduling interviews, and providing real-time feedback to candidates can help give time back to recruiters. 

Mobile-first technology also allows applicants to do everything from their phone, which simplifies the hiring process and gets candidates to their first day of work faster.

Increased applicant pools

With an ATS built for high volume hiring, professional services businesses can attract a larger pool of applicants. These systems often include features like job board integrations, allowing businesses to reach a wider audience and attract more qualified candidates. 

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Seamless integrations

A high volume ATS also can integrate with HRIS tools like background checks and document uploads. Through these integrations, professional services companies pick and choose what tasks they want to optimize, while keeping the human touch where it matters.

More about professional services hiring

In the growing world of professional services, the hiring teams for these organizations need to at the forefront of recruitment innovation. With an ATS designed and built for high volume hiring, these teams can significantly improve efficiency and reduce costs, all while attracting top talent. 

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