Introducing Messenger 2.0: A refreshed look and feel that’s mobile-first, too

Author Rob Sicat Date Jun 16 2022

Messaging has fundamentally changed how we communicate. People around the world spend more time messaging than nearly any other online task, and for good reason. Conversations are the bridge to building relationships.

Today, more people are looking to connect with businesses through text messaging. On the flip side, companies are increasingly looking to improve opportunities to engage with potential employees in simple, effective, and efficient ways.

“Conversations are the bridge to building relationships”

Our mission at Fountain is to help make each conversation during the hiring process more engaging, more personal, and serve as the bridge that allows companies to build strong relationships with future employees.

We understand that messaging businesses is the new normal in a remote-first world, but even with the tools today, it’s a time-consuming process for a recruiter.

We’re happy to announce today that we’re launching a refresh of Fountain’s Messenger. This update has all the building blocks you love and use every day, with updated visuals and additional features to make it even easier to message applicants on the go. This update is a significant step toward our mission and allows us to build more powerful features within our Messaging Platform.

Message on the go

The top feature Fountain customers use is text messaging. It’s always been relatively easy to do on your desktop or laptop, but a nearly impossible task on a mobile device.

To text applicants on a mobile device, you previously would have to scroll through the applicant list and click on each individual to see if there was a message. It was a guessing game with no way to efficiently triage messages.

We’ve fixed that. Messaging applicants on the go is now easier than ever in Fountain thanks to a brand new home for Messenger in the mobile app. Clicking on the new icon will transport you to the same Messenger you love, pared down with all the essential things you need in a smaller form factor. We’ve even included a way to filter down to a specific location for those moments when you need to provide timely updates on the run.

Never miss a message

At Fountain, our goal is to make your life as a recruiter easier. From reviewing documents to interviews and sourcing, it’s easy to miss an important follow-up message from an applicant you’re trying to hire.

By popular demand, we’re launching desktop notifications. If you’re a recruiter who utilizes a desktop app, the days of repeatedly hitting refresh every 10 minutes are gone. Now, take a break from your screen. We’ve got your back when you return—just check your notifications tab.

Details matter

A prerequisite for building quality products is a deep understanding of the problem and learning how to make every step of the experience better, smoother, and free from friction.

Our teams are continually pushing to refine, hone, and improve every detail so you and your teams can find the right people, hire them faster, and retain them longer.

Here are some of our favorite improvements.

Access templates directly in chat

Send and preview emails with ease

Improved status labels 2.0 & better stage support

Quick closing and opening of message threads

Bulk close all and open all threads

Notification management

What’s next

We’re excited for you to give Messenger a try. Let us know what you think.

Stay tuned for more exciting features and product announcements that deliver high-quality engagement, make it easy to stay connected, and help you better understand your messaging strategy for your business.


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