8-Step High Volume Hiring Process

Hiring a high volume of qualified hourly workers begins with a bulletproof hiring process. Easy peasy, right? Nope!

Although Talent Acquisition professionals know just how tricky it is to build a hiring process from the ground up, we could all use a refresher from time to time. That’s why we’ve put together this nifty 8-step guide to help you create an effective hiring process to win great talent!

Keep reading for our actionable 8-step high volume hiring process.

1. Define The Role

Figuring out how to select a new employee starts with a clear focus on what you’re looking for.

Ask yourself the following questions as you think about what to look for in a new employee:

  • What are the most crucial tasks that my business needs?
  • What are the employees’ immediate responsibilities?
  • How do I anticipate the role changing in the future?
  • How much am I willing to pay this employee?
  • What is the level of experience I expect the employee to have?
  • What are the most important skills required for the job?

After you’ve defined the role and responsibilities, continuously update this information even after you’ve filled the position.This keeps the job description dynamic to reflect any changes. 

2. Create a Job Description

Defining the role makes it easier to write a job description and decide how to select a new employee. A job description will only be effective in attracting the best employees if it’s written in a clear and focused way.

Here are some tips for writing writing  effective job descriptions:

Conduct research.

After you’ve defined your role, research what your competitors have included in job descriptions for similar roles.

Formulate a coherent title.

Avoiding ambiguity when naming the role is a key step in hiring proficient employees. Using buzzwords, like “rockstar” and “unicorn” could be a turnoff for candidates. Also, stay away from titles that only have an internal company meaning, for instance, “Customer Service Wizard.”

List the duties.

Explain exactly what the employee is expected to do on a day-to-day basis to ensure you’re hiring workers effectively.

Set performance standards.

These are essential requirements that can serve as an assessment tool when determining the employee’s performance potential.

3. Source Candidates

When you’re satisfied with your job description, it’s time to post your opening on an appropriate job site. With so many job sites available, it can be difficult to know which ones to choose for a small business hiring employees. It also can be challenging to find the time to manage listings on multiple jobs sites.

When deciding on the next step to hire employees, it’s important to think about how to streamline the process without compromising the quality of the candidates.

Fountain Boost eliminates the headache and wasted time associated with posting to job boards and sourcing candidates. To use Boost, you simply need to provide the number of hires you want, and Boost does the rest. We suggest coming up with a budget and posting to the most suitable job boards for your business.

Boost makes sourcing candidates smooth and easy as you:

  • Have access to more applicants with just one click
  • Save time that would otherwise be wasted by posting to different job boards
  • Have convenient access to your candidates in one place

4. Familiarize Yourself with Questions You Cannot Ask during the Hiring Process

Although it’s important to get to know as much about the candidate in order to make the best hiring decisions, there are some questions that are illegal to ask. Some inquiries are considered to be discriminatory in nature and may negatively prejudice candidates. The U.S. Federal Government has identified some attributes and characteristics that are off limits in interviews, including:

  • Disability
  • Religion
  • Pregnancy
  • Race and ethnicity
  • National origin
  • Familial status

Get a comprehensive list of questions you must exclude from your hiring process here.

5. Conduct Interviews

One-way video interviews are an ideal way to screen applicants because you can see how the candidate communicates. If you and your team have more flexibility, you may also consider conducting live video or phone interviews.

Fountain’s Instant Interview allows qualified candidates to initiate an on-demand interview with a recruiter or hiring manager during the application process, which is conducted via a phone call. This feature completely eliminates the calendar-scheduling process and interview reminders, and removes the chance for interview “no-shows.”

Whatever interview route you choose, Fountain provides the functionality and flexibility necessary to conduct effective interviews for high volume hourly positions.

6. Background Checks

A candidate may have impressed you in the interview, but you need to run background checks before going further.

Background checks must include work references to confirm the candidate’s work history and their responsibilities. You can use background check vendors like Checkr to conduct this process on behalf of your company.

To create a seamless employee hiring process, you should ensure that your background check vendor integrates with your recruitment tool. Fountain, for example, seamlessly integrates with different background-check vendors to optimize how you hire employees.

7. Verify Work Eligibility

A vital check when hiring employees is to confirm whether they have the legal right to work in the U.S. You may be liable to pay fines and could face criminal charges if your employees are not eligible to work in the U.S.

The following will help you to hire candidates who have the correct eligibility for employment:

  • Your employee needs to complete Section 1 of Form I-9 before they start (or on the first day). The information required on this form includes Social Security number, employment eligibility, and contact information.
  • They will need to submit official documentation that confirms their identification and employment authorization within the first three days of employment. The relevant documents can include a U.S. passport or driver’s license.
  • There may be occasions when the completion of Form I-9 and reviewing the relevant document do not confirm work eligibility. In these instances, you may need to enroll in and use the E-Verify program.
  • It is a legal requirement that you retain Form I-9 for three years from the date you hired your employee. If the employee leaves your company, you are required to keep the Form I-9 for one year after their leaving date.

8. Extend the Offer.

If a candidate has made it through the rigorous hiring process laid out above, it’s time to extend an offer to work at your organization! 

Final Thoughts on Hiring Process

Hiring employees can be an exciting time because your company is growing. However, it can also be daunting as the stakes are very high if you employ the wrong person. You should make every attempt to reduce the uncertainty from the hiring process by using recruitment software that makes sourcing, screening, and onboarding seamless.

From manufacturing to retail and delivery, Fountain has a plan that will suit your business!