How a Fountain Customer Extended Delivery Drivers’ Lifetime Value

Author Sean Behr Date Apr 18 2022

A volatile consumer market means demand is constantly changing. This economic adjustment is also reflected in the behaviors of hourly workers. No longer are workers content with filling out pages-long applications and waiting weeks, maybe even months, for a position to open up. In order to get the best talent in the door, delivery companies need to keep their finger on the pulse of today’s hourly worker.

Keep reading to learn how one Fountain delivery customer has been able to maintain agility amid fluctuating preferences of both their candidates and the larger consumer market.

‘The Faster, the Better’

After a pandemic-spurred pause in daily activities, Americans are eager to get back to their busy, multitasking lives. Job seekers are in the same boat, often juggling multiple job applications at the same time and waiting for the best offer to grab their attention. To appeal to this subset of sought-after workers, speed must be the top priority for your hiring team.

A leader in the delivery industry used Fountain to do just that, stating, “In our world, it’s definitely ‘the faster, the better.’” By making the application process as concise as possible, they were able to expand to more than 70 markets in the United States in just one week, adapting their hiring processes along the way.

Improve Candidate Quality

Automation is a great concept, but if not set up property or if used incorrectly as part of your hiring process, it may deliver candidates who haven’t been properly vetted.

Our delivery customer got ahead of this common automation headache by meticulously organizing their hiring funnels to recruit candidates who were better prepared to take on their duties on day one.

This company found the perfect balance of speed and quality, using automation to move candidates through the funnel and employing other Fountain integrations to increase the speed with which qualified candidates were hired and ready to work.

Once Hired, Focus on Retention

Getting workers in the door is one thing, but making sure they’re satisfied enough to stay put is quite another. While some companies may hire delivery drivers for one-off jobs here and there, this particular Fountain customer prefers to invest in workers who are in it for the long haul.

Using Fountain data, they analyzed which applicant characteristics corresponded most with extended lifetime value (LTV) of their workers, allowing them to gauge whether certain application information might lead to worker longevity. These insights also can lead to smarter sourcing decisions.

Keep Evolving

The highs and lows of ecommerce will continue to fluctuate as manufacturers emerge from a production lull and more delivery drivers get back out on the roads. And while we can’t control these global shifts, we can ride the waves by remaining flexible and taking advantage of technological advances, which is just what this delivery customer did when in-person interviews were no longer an option.

They’re now experimenting with hybrid hiring to best meet the needs and preferences of their wide pool of workers who come from all age groups and backgrounds.

“We’re always trying to think of ways we can make the experience better. We want to continue to optimize the whole experience both for our delivery team and for ourselves.”

To learn how Fountain enabled this delivery customers to expand to more than 70 U.S. markets in just one week, click here.


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