Delivery Industry Leader: Added 75 new markets in one week
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Delivery Industry Leader: Added 75 new markets in one week

Delivery industry leader stays agile amid fluctuating consumer demands



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Expansion to markets in the southern U.S. in one week

Speed without sacrificing service

Today’s mobile-first, hourly workforce is on the go and short on time. So when they see a job ad, they want to get to work as quickly as possible.

“In our world, it’s definitely ‘the faster, the better,” says the associate manager of a U.S.-based delivery company. “We’ve tried to make the application process as concise as possible.”

In the company’s first push for geographic expansion, they added 40 new markets over the course of 12 months. During their second phase of growth, they added 75 markets in a single week. As their growth skyrocketed, Fountain empowered and supported their hiring needs.

Candidates who journey through other applicant tracking systems (ATS) may not receive the proper vetting and may be ill-prepared to take on tasks right away. With Fountain, recruiters can meticulously organize their hiring funnels to recruit better-prepared and more-qualified candidates.

The manager adds, “One thing that we really value is the quality that we’re able to produce. It’s a balance of speed and quality. We use [Fountain’s] automation to help us move runners through the funnel and we use other integrations to increase the speed post-activation (onboarding).”

The ease of Fountain’s drag-and-drop workflow editor allows recruiters at this delivery company to be the designers and managers of their own applicant experience.

“Once I started to learn how to build stuff in Fountain, I realized you can really make it do anything. It’s just really easy to use and move things around.”

Keeping pace with supply and demand

In response to fluctuating supply and demand, the company periodically needs to ramp up their hiring efforts based on the volume of delivery requests they receive from end users. To keep track of their dynamic hiring workflows, they employ Fountain data with Google Analytics.

Within each application stage, they can monitor conversion rates of their applicants and advance the right amount of applicants to meet current customer demand in any of their locations. As supply and demand continue to ebb and flow, they queue applicants into specific stages which allows them to respond in real-time as demand oscillates.

The use of Fountain data within Google Analytics to queue applicants into stages helped them decrease costs for both new hire activation and customer acquisition.

Improving worker lifetime value

Rather than hiring delivery drivers for occasional one-off jobs, the delivery company prefers to invest in workers who are in it for the long haul.

“We really look at the lifetime value (LTV) of these hires, whether they’re one and done or if they’re running 100 trips in a month.”

They use Fountain data in concert with the rest of their human resources (HR) tech stack to analyze which applicant characteristics correspond most with extended LTV. By comparing these Fountain data with new-hire activation rates, they can gauge which information collected during qualification stages correlates with worker longevity.

In essence, they have closed the hiring loop. With each iteration, they’re presented with the most current data to help source the best candidates and retain them longer, resulting in reduced churn costs in the next round of hiring.

Dynamic hiring model

Before the pandemic, the TA team conducted 95% of their onboarding in person, but when COVID-19 hit, they moved 100% of their onboarding and orientation processes online. As the world slowly reopens, they’re experimenting with a hybrid hiring model to best meet the needs and preferences of their workers. For example, their younger workers prefer online orientation, while older hires and members of the deaf community prefer to attend orientation in person.

To improve the virtual hiring process for the younger subset, they enlisted Fountain’s assistance in embedding video stages within the application. They hoped keeping applicants within one streamlined platform would reduce drop-off rates.

“The Fountain team worked really well with us to figure out how to get video embedded. We’ve been able to customize [the platform] to what we needed.”

With Fountain’s flexible and dynamic platform, the company’s hiring team can continue to build a roster of qualified, committed, and efficient workers, while providing a unique application experience for their diverse talent pool.

“We’re always trying to think of ways we can make the experience better. We want to continue to optimize the whole experience, both for our delivery team and for ourselves.”