Fountain’s automated recruiting shines at SHRM 2023

Author Rob Sicat Date Jun 23 2023

For four days in June, our team demonstrated why Fountain is the industry’s top tool for automated recruiting

From June 11 to 14, Fountain participated in the SHRM Annual Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, the 75th annual event hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management. During the four-day event, we welcomed hundreds of HR professionals to our booth for a plethora of activities, conversations, and information. At our multiple mini-speaking sessions, thought leaders delivered insights on an array of talent acquisition topics, like the use of AI and automated recruiting to streamline the hiring process, why businesses should ditch their corporate ATS for a Labor ATS, and how one of our customers, Bojangles, reduced their cost-per-applicant by 50% with Fountain.

On Day 2, we answered the TA world’s most-pressing question:

What’s the difference between a Corporate ATS and a Labor ATS?

Fountain’s Director of Strategic Insights, Elena Solodow, presented “Demote Your Corporate ATS: Why traditional applicant tracking systems will fail your hourly worker hiring”, explaining the differences between talent acquisition tools built for corporate hiring vs. hourly hiring. Chief among these differences is the capability for volume and speed—recruiters of hourly workers likely need to hire multiple workers for multiple locations quickly, a task that a Corporate ATS typically can’t manage.

Solodow went on to reveal common corporate ATS roadblocks like resume requirements, cumbersome account creation, and waiting for the interview step to finally arrive, none of which are issues when hiring hourly workers. With a Labor ATS like Fountain combined with the power of Fountain AI, streamlined hiring workflows, analytics, and artificial intelligence create an automated recruiting system that allows recruiters to hire in as little as 7 days

Style and speed for the win

Beyond our booth, we invited SHRM attendees to join us for onsite meetings with our representatives. Attendees who signed up for and attended a one-to-one meeting with one of our Fountaineers received a free pair of custom Fountain-branded Vans sneakers as a thank-you! Check out these fancy kicks below:

As the leading high volume talent acquisition tool built for speed, we couldn’t leave Vegas without a spin around a professional racetrack! We invited a few lucky guests to an exclusive racing event at Speedvegas Motorsports Park where they whizzed around the track in a luxury sports car. 

Want more? To see behind-the-scenes footage of Fountain at SHRM 2023, click here to watch our event video. See you next year!


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