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Author Josh Harrisking Date Dec 05 2022

Hiring at high volumes isn’t a job for a small hiring team. Recruiters need help, and not just in the form of more recruiters; they need multiple methods and measures to target the right talent pool and increase their hiring speed, without sacrificing candidate quality.

Here at Fountain, we’re building upon our commitment to empowering recruiters by improving key hiring functions that help simplify and streamline volume recruitment. Keep reading to learn more about how you, our customers, can reap the benefits.

Why the recruiter experience is crucial to hiring success

Recruiters are the backbone of the hiring process. The goal of any successful high volume recruitment team is to find, qualify, and hire a large number of candidates—but not just any candidates. They need to be capable and qualified to do the job they’re hired for.

To help recruiters get the right people, hiring managers are tasked with furnishing their teams with resources that not only take the manual work out of their hands but also can be adapted as personnel needs ebb and flow.

Considering the seasonality of hourly jobs and the varying budgets of companies that hire hourly workers, a one-size-fits-all hiring system doesn’t work. Recruiters who aren’t equipped with agile systems that allow for fast and easy adjustments will fall behind on their hiring goals and possibly lose talent to the competition.

This is where Fountain comes in.

How Fountain is improving the recruiter experience

To make recruiters’ lives easier, Fountain is introducing a new suite of tools to improve the candidate interview process and further accelerate time-to-hire. These enhancements include faster, simpler calendar scheduling; a better interview experience for both recruiters and candidates, including the ability to conduct an Instant Interview on the spot; and friendly reminders to alert applicants of important appointments.

With these improvements, recruiters are able to sync multiple calendars across teams for full visibility into availability, benefiting from simpler scheduling, editing, and canceling of appointments. With the power of Fountain’s Instant Interview, applicants can schedule and interview with a recruiter in a matter of minutes.

With these automated features in place, Fountain users can slash time-to-hire and focus their efforts on other previously neglected areas of the funnel.

“We don’t need to manually push applicants through the pipeline anymore,” said Grant Rogers, Driver Operations Manager at Fetch. “Automation allows us to focus more on candidate engagement and the onboarding process.” To learn more about how Fountain’s automation helped Fetch decrease their time-to-hire from 15 days to one day, read the full Fetch case study!

A focus on flexibility

Customization is another key player in building a bespoke recruiting funnel. With Fountain’s enhanced features, you can add, move, and remove stages based on the number of roles you need to fill, the location where you’re recruiting, your quarterly budget, or another unforeseen reason that might require you to alter your hiring plans.

Worried about candidate drop-off at the interview stage? Send an email or SMS reminder to candidates before the scheduled interview to help them remember the appointment. Drop-offs, no-shows, and candidate ghosting are real roadblocks for recruiters, but Fountain’s customizable messages help keep multiple candidates informed of important steps of their applicant journey.

This holiday season, we’re donating our platform to the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) to help with their annual SF Firefighters Toy Program. The SFFD has used our customizable workflows to build a mobile-friendly application process that collects requests from families in need, while keeping all personal data secure.

The workflows also enable the requests, drop-offs, and pick-ups of donation bins at local businesses. The SFFD can add more donation slots, if needed, and use this data to anticipate the need for future drives.

The customizability of the workflows has allowed us to use Fountain for multiple things during this year’s SF Firefighters Toy Program drive

“The customizability of the workflows has allowed us to use Fountain for multiple things during this year’s SF Firefighters Toy Program drive,” says Jill Peeler, representative of the San Francisco Fire Department. “It has allowed us to get the application out there, take requests for toy bins and events, and help even more families.”

We’re looking forward to delivering to you, our customers, a smoother recruiting experience so you can get back to why you got into this field in the first place: connecting with people.

To learn how Fountain can help your community organization, contact us here.


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