Fountain enhances the applicant experience with ‘really human hiring’

Author Rob Sicat Date Sep 12 2022

It’s a fact: Hiring today is hard, especially when it comes to hourly workers. But here at Fountain, we’ve been heads-down building upon the best ways to help you give applicants a world-class hiring experience.

Happy applicants tend to stick around longer once hired and become ambassadors for your brand, but many drop off long before due to slow, clunky processes. In fact, we found that 60% of candidates have quit an application because of its length or complexity. Because hourly workers are usually applying to multiple positions at the same time, whoever is first to hire them will win the race for talent.

Today at Fountain, we’re excited to announce a smoother applicant experience from end to end to help increase the number of quality workers who walk through your doors.

Today’s hiring challenges

Think about the last time you applied for a job. You likely were using a desktop computer, had to click through dozens of pages, upload documents, and answer questions, only to receive a generic “thank-you” email seconds later. It’s hard not to feel like one in a sea of countless candidates, all vying for the same position but never quite sure where you stand.

For hourly jobs, this process can be even more cumbersome, resulting in most candidates dropping off altogether and applying elsewhere. With 85% to 90% of hourly applicants applying from their mobile devices, they need a process that’s streamlined and swift, because they’re ready to start working today.

How Fountain is prioritizing the applicant experience

With a renewed focus on the applicant experience, Fountain is excited to release a redesigned application user interface, a full WhatsApp integration—allowing hiring managers and candidates to communicate using the world’s most popular messaging service—and a simpler workflow editor.

Easy-to-follow steps will increase the speed with which candidates move through the process, and more transparency at each step will help the candidate feel more valued and connected to the organization, while also increasing the likelihood of continued engagement long after they’re hired.

This faster, more modern user experience will benefit recruiters, too. Talent acquisition teams will be able to view analytics to understand which candidates engage and which are likely to drop off. With these data, they can tailor the funnel to deliver the right information at the right time, leading to higher conversions and faster time-to-hire.

Fountain’s powerful integration partners are with you every step of the way so you can find, qualify, and hire top candidates faster with features like sourcing, background checks, and document signing.

By ensuring applicants have a quality hiring experience, we’re empowering our customers to hire better and faster, alleviating the hiring challenges companies have faced when recruiting hourly workers and getting back to “Really Human Hiring.”

Interested in learning more? Reach out to our Customer Success team.


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