3 Ways To Celebrate Talent Acquisition Day Virtually

Global Talent Acquisition Day is a relatively new holiday, with the first celebration taking place in September of 2018. It takes place on the first Wednesday of September and is meant to recognize those in Talent Acquisition, for all the hard work that they do. 

Talent Acquisition is a unique component of your business in that they simultaneously work within every department of your organization, while also representing your company externally. They have to combine all the best traits of your internal people teams by maintaining positive relationships with hiring managers, while also being able to close and sell candidates much like those on your sales teams. 

Much of their work often goes unrecognized, even though most employees are at a company in part because of their interactions with the hiring teams. While it’s difficult to properly recognize your teams because of the global pandemic, here are 3 ways you can celebrate your internal recruiting team virtually: 

  1. Care Packages 

A tried and trued way of celebrating someone from afar. While there is no replacement for seeing the joy on someone’s face in person, you can take satisfaction in knowing your TA team will greatly appreciate a care package during these times. 

There are a few typical items you could include such as healthy snacks, sweets, coffee, mugs, etc. If you wanted to give a care package that is more cognizant of the current state of affairs, you could also include other items such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, etc. 

Here are a few services to take a look at: 

  1. Cameo  

This is a personal favorite. If you’ve never heard of Cameo, it’s a video sharing site where you can pay to have celebrities send personalized video messages to the person of your choice. I would recommend this service if you know the recipient is a big fan of a certain athlete, actor, artist, etc. 

Most of the prices range from $35-$100, increasing in cost for people with more notoriety. Here are a few well-known celebrities on the service that won’t break the bank: 

  • Trevor Jackson: $75 
  • Tom Arnold: $75
  • Ben Higgins: $100
  • Kate Flannery: $175
  • Pau Gasol: $200  

  1. Acknowledgment 

The work Talent Acquisition teams do can often go unrecognized. Sometimes the best gift you can give someone is the affirmation that what they are doing is appreciated. 

It helps to know the individual’s love language with whatever way you decide to celebrate them. Whether it’s words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, or quality time, making the effort to recognize them for what they do is often enough.