Why You Need to Invest In Your Career Site

Author Mike Marschke Date Oct 06 2020

The first step of any successful recruitment strategy is to create an impactful career site. On Fountain, over 64% of candidates said that they researched a company online before applying to a job. In order to attract those candidates, your career site needs to be updated with accurate information to help “sell” passive candidates. 

If your site is difficult to follow or has irrelevant information, 3rd party vendors such as Glassdoor, Google Review, and G2 Crowd will be the main source of information for your company. 

An effective career site doesn’t just list your open jobs but is an extension of your employer brand. Why should someone want to work for your company, what are the advantages? If you are able to answer these questions in some capacity, the right candidates will get excited and want to work for you. 

There are a few different ways to articulate why a candidate should want to work for you. Current employee testimonials are a great way to relate to potential candidates while giving them tangible reasons why they should want to work for you. When including these on your site, it is important to choose a tenured employee, to increase the reliability of what is being said. 

A few other ways to communicate this to candidates is through engaging content, company outings, videos, or links to your various social channels. Most companies use a variety of these to engage with applicants on their career sites. With whatever combination is used, make sure the messaging is consistent throughout. If an employee testimonial conflicts with a company video, applicants will get confused and both methods will negatively impact their likelihood of applying 

What Our Data is Saying

Over 76% of applicants polled on the Fountain platform agreed that they would rather apply through a career site. Candidates that apply directly through your website are also going to have more interest in your company compared to candidates applying for multiple positions on job boards. 

While job boards bring in most applicants, a companies’ career site has a greater hire rate. Job boards on the Fountain platform account for 49.38% of applications on average, while career sites bring in 34.93%. However, career sites account for 28.93% of hires, while job board applications account for only 19.12%. 

Not only are you converting a higher percentage of your applicants to hires, but on average you will have fewer overall candidates to review, saving you time and money.


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