The 5 Essential Software Features for High Volume Hiring

The 5 Essential Software Features for High Volume Hiring

With hundreds of HR tech providers on the market, it can be difficult to decide which software will be best suited for your business. But the fact of the matter is that the majority of recruiting software is designed for corporate recruiting. If you depend on an hourly/essential workforce, those tools aren’t meant for you.

Candidates will be frustrated and your talent acquisition teams will struggle to meet their goals. Below are the 5 must have software features to succeed with high-volume hiring:

1. Mobile capabilities and communication 

Here are the facts:

– 85% of candidates are applying for jobs on their phone

– 90% of mobile phone users screen calls from numbers they don’t know

– Text messages have a 98% open rate

– 60% of recruiters are already texting with candidates on their personal phones to engage candidates.

Incorporating text communications alone will drastically improve recruiting metrics like conversion rates, time to hire, and essentially eliminate candidate ghosting.

2. Automated engagement

Recruiters are spread thin, but candidates still want to know where they stand in the recruitment process. By automating certain communication to candidates, they’ll know that their application is being reviewed, that their interview is scheduled for tomorrow, or that they’re no longer being considered for the role. This enables recruiters to focus on their tasks that can’t be automated, while keeping talent warm and engaged throughout the hiring process. 

3. Flexible workflows

When companies are experiencing thousands of applicants a month, having control over how they’re managed in the system is critical. While most recruiting software requires customer support for workflow adjustments, Fountain’s workflows are drag-and-drop and can be customized by requisition.

4. Seamless integrations

Creating a platform of best-of-breed software is key to a great experience for users as well as candidates. The right hiring software serves as your foundation, then adding background checks, e-signatures, ID verification, and training software becomes an all-in-one candidate command center.

5. Sourcing

In May 2020, amid the covid-19 pandemic (and high unemployment rates), nearly 40% of TA professionals surveyed said their biggest hiring challenge was still a shortage of candidates. While job boards are typically associated with high-volume hiring, look for more personalized, branded sourcing capabilities like Text to Apply, career sites, and employee referrals for higher quality candidates.